Make every day Mother's Day with the Ford Territory

Make every day Mother's Day with the Ford Territory

Mother’s Day may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn everyday into a memory to cherish with and for your beloved mom.

The pandemic has been rough, most especially for the special ladies in our lives. If you think lockdowns have been restrictive, imagine not being allowed into malls or markets because of your age. 

Ford Territory Display

Luckily, with the all-new 2021 Ford Territory, there are many ways for you to treat her, and not just once a year. Here are the different reasons why Ford’s latest SUV is the perfect car not just for any car buyer, but for moms all over!

Mom-approved vehicle

Mothers know best, as the saying goes, and as soon as I drove up to meet my mom in the all-new 2021 Ford Territory, she gushed at how fancy it looks. This particular Territory came in Ford’s signature Diffused Silver color option. With all other subcompact SUVs looking aggressively macho with their design language, Ford went for a sleeker aesthetic that appeals to a wider range of car buyers. For one thing, from a distance it looks deceptively small, but once you get closer, you realize how massive it is.

Mom posing next to Territory

The large, multi-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels are complemented with equally impressive bulging fender flares, creating a seamless look without looking cartoonish. The floating roof design gives it an upscale look and my mom kept asking me if this car was from one of the more expensive European brands. She definitely approves of and appreciate the looks of the Ford Territory.

Ford Territory rear view

What’s inside matters

The best words of wisdom always come from mom, and she taught me that what’s inside matters as much, if not even more than what’s on the outside. Stepping inside the Ford Territory was easy thanks to wide-opening doors. Subcompact SUVs and crossovers are wildly popular these days and for good reason. No sedan in this price range can offer the same, spacious legroom and air of confidence for both the driver and passenger. The 2021 Ford Territory can most certainly keep your special lady relaxed as you drive around the city. 

Mom sitting inside Ford Territory

Perforated leather seats made of high-quality material make her comfortable in what should be the best seat in the house. Rear passengers can recline the back seats and pull out a nice center armrest for their drinks and, thanks to the cavernous greenhouse, she can see everything that passes by. Afternoons are especially hot and humid, to say the least, but occupants can be cool and comfortable thanks to rear A/C vents and even charge their phones through the USB port. My mom was most impressed with the panoramic sunroof, it rained that afternoon and watching the raindrops pitter-patter on the roof relaxed her even more despite the traffic. When I get the chance to buy this car for myself, you know she'll just loves it.

Mom liking Panoramic Sunroof Ford Territory

Safety first

All parents want their children to be safe at all times. I can’t tell you how many times my mom has refused to let me go seeing me in my decades-old car that doesn’t even have airbags in it. Thankfully, the 2021 Ford Territory, in the Platinum+ trim, comes with eight airbags and a laundry list of safety features to put you and your mom’s mind at ease. Once she’s settled in the back seat, she can’t help but notice and be amazed at the 360-degree camera that aids in parking the subcompact SUV. I myself had my mind blown and couldn't believe how easy it was to park thanks to the overhead view, third-person perspective.

Ford Territory 360 camera

Apart from the show, the Territory also has Enhanced Active Park Assist as well as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure warning and proximity sensors to warn you when you’re getting too close for comfort to any vehicle on the road. My mom is the best backseat driver around, but I nary heard a word from her while driving the Ford Territory, thanks to the Electronic Stability Control, Electronic Power Steering, and Automatic Brake Hold, mixed with the smooth and easy acceleration, she remarked how she’s never had a smoother drive. I give all the credit to the Ford Territory. All I did was point and shoot.

Pandemic proof

As I mentioned, the pandemic has been particularly hard for our special ladies. Living in the '80s and '90s, they’ve all led active lifestyles and activities. With lockdowns in place, they are just itching to get out as much as they can. Thankfully, outdoor dining is now available and establishments welcome families with members of all ages. The 2021 Ford Territory is ready and set up for this as well. Apart from the space it gives passengers, it has N95-rated filters to keep dust and harmful particulate matter outside of the cabin. Built-in ionizers are also set up to make sure that air in the Ford Territory is clean for everyone on board.

Mom Sitting with faceshield inside Ford Territory

She can now literally breathe easy every time she gets around the metro. Treating her to a nice restaurant every now and then can shake away her lockdown blues and is also a great way to bond with your mom.

Mom looking at Ford Territory

Thrifty is nifty

One of the best lessons my mom has taught me is to be frugal in all my affairs. With temperatures reaching north of 40 degrees and traffic jams everywhere, the 2021 Ford Territory’s fuel consumption meter was telling me that we were chilling at 9kpl, which is amazing, considering many economy sedans under the same conditions can barely reach seven! 

It’s not just frugal to run but the asking price won’t break the bank, either. Upon telling my mom the price of the 2021 Ford Territory, she was shocked to find out that all this came at a price much lower than she expected. With the power and features available, she thought I hit it big. The fully kitted Titanium+ trim can be had for P1,310,000, which is a steal considering all the features available. My momma raised a sensible man and the Ford Territory makes perfect economic sense.

Mom taking a selfie

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, and I don’t think it’s just another Hallmark holiday. If any random hero can get their own day, why not our very own mom? With the 2021 Ford Territory, why limit it to just a single day? Make your momma proud whenever you drive up to her garage.

Photos by Roy Robles

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