Suzuki APV – When Style Meets Affordability

  • Jun 03, 2016

MANILA: Suzuki APV, the stylish all-purpose vehicle by the Japanese automaker, is created keeping the comfortable commutation of passengers in mind. The mini-MPV design and numerous convenience features make this drive a big hit in all the countries where ever it is available including the Philippines. The drive was launched in the year 2004 for the first time and is assembled in Indonesia at the Suzuki facility for local and export purpose. Though Suzuki APV is not the best seller by this Japanese automaker but that doesn't allow anyone to ignore its appreciative contribution towards the sales figures achieved by the brand last year. What makes this drive different and so likable by its customers? Well, if you are thinking on the same lines, we have got an answer for you. Let's get ahead and find the reasons which make this mini MPV so popular among the Filipinos -

Seating Capacity

Philippines automotive market is experiencing a sharp hike in sales of MPV, SUVs and Crossovers and reason is pretty simple, seating capacity with great comfort. Suzuki APV is offered in 3 variants - GA, GLX and SGX from with GA and GLX are offered with a seating capacity of 8 passengers while SGX can accommodate 7 occupants in total. The majority of MPVs available in the Philippines automotive market are offered with a seating of capacity of 7 passengers only and so this drive comes with a benefit.

Cabin Space

In any family drive, comfortable interior space is the first requisite and Suzuki APV doesn't disappoint its passengers in that. So there is already comfortable cabin space for 8/7 passengers; thanks to the wheelbase measuring to 2625 mm of APV. Apart from offering ample space for the passengers, this drive has got enough space to pack the luggage of its passengers. Other than petty cabin compartments to keep your handy things safe, you get 710-litre of the boot after folding the 3rd-row seats. Also, the modifiable seating structure allows you more space and comfort during drives.


For Filipino customers, Suzuki APV is powered by a 1.6-litre SOHC engine which is good enough for an MPV. This sole engine knocks out 91 hp of high power at 5750 rpm along with 127 Nm of high torque at 4500 rpm. Mated with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission, this engine delivers a mileage of 12.2 kmpl in combined driveways which is considered decent enough for an MPV of this segment.


Though Suzuki APV is not claimed to offer the best safety to its passengers but with dual airbags for the front seat passengers and Anti-Lock Braking System as standard, it can be taken as a safe drive. All the seats come with seatbelts with pre-tensioners and force limiters which prevent whiplash and any hold the passengers tight on their respective seats even after a crash. The side impact beams are capable of absorbing the impact energy saving the occupants to experience them. Also, there is keyless entry system with remote control for the safety and convenience. Most of these features are available only in the GLX and SGX trims and the base trim GA lacks them, so choose wisely.

Ride & Handling

Well, this is one important aspect which is sure to consider while selecting a drive and when we talk about Suzuki APV, you can completely trust upon its ride and handling. The engine might create some noise on accelerating, but since this drive is not meant to run on race tracks who actually accelerates it that hard. The perfect suspension system with an amalgamation of McPherson Strut with coil spring front and Rigid axle with leaf spring/3-link rigid axle with coil spring makes sure that the passengers may not experience any jolts or jerks even on uneven and patchy roads.


This is one factor which anyone considers on priority while purchasing a family car. Suzuki APV starts at PhP 588,000 which is the cost of its base variant GA. The SGX trim, which is the top-notch trim, comes at a price of PhP 820,000. Talking about this factor, let us tell you that this MPV is way cheaper than most of the MPVs available in the Philippines automobile market.

Overall, Suzuki APV with all its styling and aspects has proved to be an asset for the company and the customers. Definitely, the company has made lots of money and credibility with its customers by delivering a vehicle which is reliable, comfortable and convenient for people who are looking for practical space in the cabin. Not to forget that this drive has a subtle design which ensures that it is acknowledged on the road.


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