The Trending Car Technologies Pacing Up in The Philippines

  • Mar 18, 2016

MANILA: The new year came as a gift package for the Philippines automotive industry, with various model line-ups. We very well know that no brand settles back when it comes to innovation and facelifted versions of its creations. However, one can actually witness variations in the offerings and target market based on its location. The Philippines is popular for catering the mass market and accommodates the best of brands under its umbrella. Also, it is doubtless to state that this industry is prospering, and is reaching that edge to give strong competition to its rivals. It has been observed that besides driving a new model attaches lucrative promotional offers and discounts, yet technology also plays an indispensable role. Wouldn't it be fascinating to acknowledge the technological shift in the country and  the ideology behind it?

With this aim, we will highlight some major innovations that took place this year.

Electric/Plug-In Hybrid 


With the depleting resources and increasing inflation rate, there has been a global impact on all the industries. Talking specifically about the Philippines, there had been various brands in picture who have recently launched their model line-ups equipped with this technology. However, few have been inspired so much so that they plan to bring across their creations in the near future. Those companies include Land Rover (Electric Technology Concepts), Honda Civic (Hybrid), BMW i5 Sedan (Electric and Hybrid Car Assembly), Toyota Prius (Plug-in Hybrid), Hyundai (Electric Ioniq Hybrid), Jaguar (All electric Formula E), Aston Martin (All Electric RapidE Concept) and Honda CRZ (All-Electric Sports Car). With respect to this innovation, rechargeable batteries that are installed at the power stations and can even be planted at homes have found their scope in the world. Though we still lack in the appropriate infrastructure globally, respective countries are putting in efforts to build the same.

Self-Driving Cars


With the arrival of mushrooming technologies every single day, there is one brand that comes to our mind when we talk about “Self-Driving Cars”, and yes that's Google. Google introduced this automobile for creating a freak free and comfortable journey and intends to cater the consumer with safety, utilizing the less parking space and travel with utmost mobility. On the other hand, in the recent context BMW came up with its brand new Vision Next 100 Concept, which is based on the autonomous driving platform. In addition, it intends to serve a driver-oriented approach that could create smooth connectivity, high-end technology accessibility, and digital intelligence in one package. It's not that popular right now, as there are various inhibitions that envelope around it. However, we expect the future model line-ups to be bestowed with this technology for creating a niche for itself.

Aluminium Body Framework

Aluminium Body Framework

With the consumers getting drifted from just another car, to the highly loaded automobiles studded with swanky looks and alluring features, it has become a trending phenomenon to manufacture models with aluminium body construction. Nonetheless, there are some pros and cons attached with the same. The major positive one's incorporate Light in weight structure (55% lighter than steel), cheaper to recycle and promotion of fuel economy. On the other hand, It is prone to be affected by corrosion, and requires a massive research and development process and lastly is heavy on the pocket. The cars and brands which have inherited this as their technology input include Lotus Exige, Honda BR-V, Lotus Elise, Isuzu D-Max, Rolls Royce, Jaguar F-Pace, Ford GT 2016, etc.

Connectivity Avenues Being Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Those were the days when a car just had a CD player, USB port, and Auxilary cable connection in the name of entertainment avenue. Nevertheless, we have come a long way since then, as now every brand is keenly looking forward to present their customized connectivity options. The few prominent examples include the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which have the versatile choice panel under its umbrella. Syncing the mobile information as easy as connecting any pendrive to an electronic device for usage. The cherry on the cake is provided by the Touchscreen display that makes the functionality all the more feasible and handy. It provides the comfort to make calls, play music, navigate maps, view mobile messages, integrate podcasts, access audiobooks and what not! The list is quite exhaustive and worthy that can enrich the driving as well as infotainment ambience.

Automotive Paint Technology

Automotive Paint Technology

This is the last point we have in mention, yet the most interesting one! Yes, the automobile industry has come up with an idea that can save your car's fuel through an automotive paint, sounds bizarre right? Well, the logic is all about being reflective in nature, where the Sun rays repel, that creates the negligible need to use an air conditioner, keeping the car cool from inside. Along with this, it can even prevent someone from facing any sort of mishappening or accident, as it can be visible from a long distance.

We hope that this exciting journey of facts would have enriched your knowledge levels, and probably can help you in fetching the right model as per the technology you might be looking in your prospective car.


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