Top 5 Driver Assistance Systems Probably You Aren’t Aware of

  • Apr 20, 2016

MANILA: Technology has evolved drastically in the past few years, whether it’s a world of computers, fashion or food industry or the automotive field. We aren’t left undone with inventions and innovative technologies that have taken over in the recent past. The things which looked bleak at once, now are a part of our day to day life. Talking about the automotive world, innovations have carved their way into the machines aiding the driver in every damn scenario keeping him as well occupants safe at every instant. Automotive brands are keen on developing and integrating cutting-edge technologies inside their vehicles in order to guard the occupants as well as provide easy access to driver while on the go. The companies are investing constantly in the research and development phase for the evolution of top-notch techniques helping the cause of preventing accidents and unwanted scenarios on as well off the road. With the new innovations happening around the auto world, a lot of us aren't aware of them and a state of delusion still exists when we come across terms like, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and more. So here is a brief about the top picks from the world of innovation that’ll help you to understand better about the technologies and their workings.

cruise control

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

This is one such innovation that has taken each one of us by storm. Cruise control was a measure to glide the car on the empty roads by setting a particular speed, which resulted in a relaxed drive. But, over the years, the traffic on roads has grown exponentially making it difficult for the drivers to enjoy a hassle-free drive. They need to carve the way through the heavy traffic city roads in order to reach their destination. Solving this problem comes to the Adaptive Cruise Control, which not only takes care of the speed of your vehicle but also the following distance. So, high traffic roads aren’t a matter of concern anymore. It makes the drive simple, easy and relaxed and you can arrive at your office fresh as there are more important things in life than just driving.

emergency braking

Predictive Emergency Braking System

It has been found that the real cause of rear-end collisions is that either driver does not apply brakes strong enough or does not apply them at all. On expressways, when the speed is pretty high, a small mistake while driving could end you in all sorts of trouble or even cost you the ultimate, i.e. life. Hence, in order to release the pressure from the shoulders of the driver, a driver assistance system called Predictive Emergency Braking System came for rescue. With this system, a driver is alerted to a critical situation prior to the collision so that he could apply brakes in time. If in any case the driver isn’t aware of the warning or is unable to control the car at the right time, the intelligent system applies brakes automatically preventing the accident. This system gets activated as soon as the vehicle starts and works on considerable speeds aiding the driver from the word go and also takes care of the safety of rest of the occupants.

blind spots detection

Blind Spot Monitoring

If you drive a car then you can easily relate to the following explanation which goes this way. Body parts like the A-Pillar are often a hindrance in the visibility of the driver. For example, at a 90-degree intejection, one may fail to see a fellow road user who is present behind the car's A-Pillar. Moreover, on high-speed roads, multi-lane expressways and traffic jams you might experience the same case when you can’t really identify the car by your side. In such conditions, a car present out of the field of view of your ORVM and IRVM may become invisible to the driver. These specific points where a driver is unable to spot another vehicle/pedestrian on the road are termed as Blind Spots. Here, the Blind Spot Detection comes into play and lets you spot the nearby vehicles at the back or at the sides of your car. Sensors do the work while the driver can steer the car without thinking too much in this regard. The sensors monitor the surroundings and alert you when you try to change the lane or pull out of your existing lane despite being no room for the same.

traffic alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

This system helps you in identifying the cross traffic behind the vehicle, which comes to play in case of parking slots when the right angled view isn’t clear due to presence of objects. The mid-range radar sensors integrated at the rear of the vehicle let you know about the risk behind by an audible warning or a visual warning, which comes quite handy in tight parking spaces when you aren’t clear about the rear picture while backing out.

lane departure

Lane Departure Warning

Straying away from lanes without notice isn’t a good idea, isn’t it? But you might encounter cases when you are drowsy or a little more tired than usual, which might make you fall asleep for a few seconds. Taking care of such situations is the Lane Departure Warning System, which uses a video camera to mark lanes ahead of the vehicle and if incase the vehicle starts to drift left or right beyond the marked lanes, it alerts the driver by means of audio, visual or a haptic signal like steering vibration so that he/she can control the vehicle accordingly. However, if the driver switches lanes intentionally by signals, this system won’t hinder your cause.

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