Why you should put your money on Ford Everest over Toyota Fortuner?

Why you should put your money on Ford Everest over Toyota Fortuner?
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At the face of it, there is not much that separates these mid-size SUVs from each other. Both are rugged, large, versatile, can seat 7 and are basically bodies on frame of existing pickup trucks. But that is where the differences begin to show. And it is these differences that make the Everest a much better investment than the Fortuner.


Everest vs Fortuner Design

Can an SUV be good looking? As supercar makers come to grips with this question, Ford seems to have found the answer. The answer is honesty. The Ford Everest does not pretend to be anything else than what it is supposed to be. It is as rugged and masculine as a hammer and it looks much like one. The Fortner in comparison looks like a melted version of itself with its massive overhangs and ungainly proportions. But design is not limited to exteriors. The third row in the Everest is actually usable by actual human beings. The seats go down flat into the floor – electronically in the Titanium – freeing up a literal ton of space. These are features that still don’t feature on the Fortuner catalogue, what with its seats that fold up. The Everest then is better looking and more civilian than the Fortuner.


Everest and Fortuner Cabin

You can tell that the Ford is more modern. And you’d be right. The mid-level Everest will get you an 8-inch touchscreen that comes with a host of connectivity options and climate control. It also pairs up better with your phone using the Sync3 system, something sorely missed on the 6.5-inch affair in the Toyota. Options like automatic air conditioning and power seats, start appearing earlier here than in the Fortuner’s spec sheet. At the top of the range, you are offered luxuries like dual moonroof and a power liftgate. But we don’t really have to go that far up the spec sheet. The interiors of the Ford are comparable to executive sedans in terms of refinement levels while still being utilitarian. There is even a sound deadening feature much like noise cancellation earphones that quietens the interior using the 10 speakers. The techy bits get under the bonnet too. The Ford has 4 different drive modes to choose from making it quite capable off the road compared to the Toyota which is better off-roader with its lockable differential.


Everest Safety Features

SUVs are often thought to be safer simply because they look like tanks. But this is far from the truth. Both these SUVs, however, are proven to be safe with 5-star ANCAP crash test ratings. Both the SUVs are also equipped similarly when it comes to safety equipment. The mid-range in either will get you ABS with EBD, traction control, stability control, 7 airbags, hill start assist, brake assist and hill start assist. However, these features are more easily accessible on the Ford than the Toyota. The Ford also gets parking cameras along with park assist and rearview cameras. The top of the range also gets lane keeping assist, blind spot monitors and forward collision warning.

Value and living with it

Everest Variant Price Range

This area is a little murky but bears with us. The Toyota Fortuner comes in 5 different variants ranging from Php 1597000 to Php 2260000. The Ford comes in 7 different variants ranging from Php 1,518,000 to Php 2,288,000 without options. The midrange Ford Everest Trend variant will cost you Php 1,718,000 while the mid-range Toyota Fortuner will cost you Php 1,906,000. And even this will miss out on a lot of the goodies. You may argue that a Toyota will be more reliable. That it will be easier to get a Toyota repaired than a Ford and more features mean more things to go wrong. But is the price difference really worth it? We think not.      

While they currently compete in the same market, this comparison was not exactly fair. While the Ford heralds the new generation of SUVs, the Fortuner is the last sigh of a bygone age of SUVs. The Ford ushers in a new age of refinement and equipment levels that are being followed by car makers everywhere. The modern era of SUVs is here and Toyota needs to catch up quick.


Ford Everest vs Toyota Fortuner Comparison

Ford Everest
  • ₱1.74 - ₱2.3 Million
Toyota Fortuner
  • ₱1.63 - ₱2.3 Million
Everest vs Fortuner

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