The Harley Davidson Ford F-150 pickup truck

  • Feb 08, 2019

MANILA: Bikes and cars are two very different modes of transportation and their worlds hardly ever cross. It is quite uncommon to see collaboration between these two disciplines. Ford and Harley-Davidson earlier worked on the F-150, but this stopped in 2011.

Harley Davidson Ford F-150

Fast forward to 2019, Ford and Harley-Davidson have launched a Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson edition. This will be a limited production edition and will be led by the Tuscany Motor Company instead of being an official Ford product. Most of the changes are cosmetic in nature. Exterior treatments include Raptor-style inserts, a removable LED light bar, orange accents all around, Harley Davidson badging, and honeycomb inserts on the grille/intake. The rims are 22-inch in diameter and derive design inspiration from Harley’s Fat Boy motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Ford F-150 rear

To make it sound the part, the F-150 has been fitted with a Flowmaster exhaust. Suspension duties remain the same as the standard F-150 with Fox shocks all around. All these subtle changes make the F-150 look meaner with a ‘take on anything attitude’. The interior gets diamond-stitched leather seats and is smothered with the Harley-Davidson emblem all around the cabin. It appears on the door panels, floor mats, and even in the gauge cluster.

Harley Davidson Ford F-150 front

If the Harley-Davidson F-150 is something that tickles your fancy, then spare out about Php 5.075 million for the Agate Black exterior. The white Platinum will cost about Php 5.090 million, and the Leadfoot grey will set you back by about Php 5.128 million.


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