How to make your Car Interior Look worth a Million Dollars!

  • Oct 07, 2015

MANILA: Earlier we talked about exterior car modifications, which were simple yet proved effective in enhancing your car looks by manifold. But getting your car styled just from the outer front is like going to Disney World and not enjoying the rides. So, don't just see cake, eat it, get your interior space revamped to match the stunning exterior design theme.

But the question is, what all one can change to overhaul his car to the best. Well, in today's time every bit of the interior space can be altered, the transformation can be so upscale that one cannot recognize his own car. The quest is to find the best of the lot that could offer the best-in-class looks, great plush feel, and unmatched comfort.

Down under we have shortlisted five interior changeovers that are worthy of trying.

Fancy Interior Inserts – They look stunning and gives the entire cabin space a re-incarnated feel. Available in different colors and varied materials, you have a complete brochure to choose. From bright colors to more classy wood finish, give your car the look you desire with these inserts. They are available in packages and cover entire car length from the dashboard to door panels with some finishing touches on the center tunnel. But remember, before finalizing, always go for something that is easy to maintain and care-free. – They are like bones in the body, if not good, will hurt you always. As a matter of fact, automakers try their best to give you a comforting journey but there is always some room for improvement. You can change a number of things about them, starting from the basic fabric to leather covers cushioned seats that are more couch like and lastly in most extreme cases the entire seat. So, now you can experience the sports car feel in your simple homely car.

Tech time – Replace your old audio system with a touch screen display, give away the old, not-so-good speakers and opt for more Bosch like sound output system. Tech front is like a big pool with many fishes, go on as the possibilities are endless. Navigation system, smart instrumental biennial, digital display units at front and rear side, the list goes on, choose the one you like. But remember choose them wisely and don't get distracted while driving.

Brighten up your car – Advancements are taking place at a heat pumping speed, and creativity has surpassed every limit. Adding to your choice kit are ambient lights, these small light sources can be placed at any desired spot, usually running the entire cabin area. The possibilities are endless, make them reside at any spot you like but remember too much of anything kills the charm, so go easy on their use.

Basic to Stylish – Steering wheel, gear knob, foot pedals, all of them fall under basic car instrument category. But why stick with the conventional type when you can rock in the latest style. All the above-mentioned equipment can be altered and replaced with more out-of-the-box styles. Remember to follow up your car theme and avoid creating any miss-match disaster.

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