Summer Time: Basic Tips To Keep Car’s Air-Con Up-to-date

  • May 11, 2016

MANILA: Summer  is here and so is the vacation time!! Most Filipinos have already planned out their long trips to their favorite vacation spots and what's more fun than having a road trip with your family and friends. In this scorching heat, you wouldn't want your air con to ditch you and leave you sticking to your leather seats. Blistering temperatures over 42 degree Celsius along with high humidity can really challenge your car's AC. Don’t let this summer heat sneak up on you with your car unprepared!!!!

Here are few cool tips from CarBay Car Care Tips to keep your AC unit in a good condition to keep you and your family cool throughout the drive.

Roll Down the Window before rolling out!!

sweating in heat

Just roll down the windows and open your doors when you get in the car to vent out the hot air quickly. The cooler the cabin to start with, the faster and easier your air condition will do its job.

Cool, your cabin, not the street!!

Most people open their windows for an extra blast of air while their AC is on. But keeping your windows open with car's AC on, you are not only inviting hot air inside, but also wasting your coolant and fuel.

Hit the MAX level to start with!!

AC Control Knob

When you initially turn on your air con, blast it to MAX level and use highest blower speed. This will move the greatest volume of air and the interior will cool down even faster when it re-circulates inside the cabin. As soon as you get cozy, switch it to the NORMAL mode and lower fan speed. This will exude colder air from the unit.

Vent Out the Stinky Smell!!

Often we keep almost all our stuff in the car and that includes our days-long food or dirt socks or gym gear. Such stuff stinks bad, making your friends scrunching their nose. So, always remember to switch to the OUTSIDE air mode frequently in between to get rid of bad odor.

Refill Regularly!!

You refill your oil and other liquids whenever needed, similarly, coolant needs the same. Your Air Con's refrigerant or coolant needs to be topped up regularly. Without enough coolant, AC won't cool the interior the way you want, leaving you sweating like a pig!!

Get it Checked Up!!

Take a look at hoses of your AC system and if in case of any leakage or a crack, take your car to your nearest mechanic.

Keep it Clean!!

Always make sure to clean around the outside unit routinely as debris like dirt, dust and pebbles can pile up and choke the unit. With a choked unit, AC needs to work harder to do its job making it worn out faster than usual.

Now, before going to that planned long road trip, go through these tips to make sure you have your AC working in a good condition to beat the summer heat.

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