Suzuki Smash 115: Pros & cons

Suzuki Smash 115: Pros & cons

Launched in the Philippines in 2010 as a replacement for the 110 cc version, the Suzuki Smash 115 is an entry-level underbone. It has the distinction of currently being the cheapest Suzuki underbone on sale in the market. Selling for just Php 57,900, it is very popular among the youth and adults alike. However, just being the cheapest in the range is not enough. While it does have some advantages on top of its cheap price, it also comes with some glaring flaws.

Suzuki Smash 155

Suzuki Smash 115 Pros

Excellent Commuter

What makes a bike a good commuter? It really comes down to practicality, reliability, and comfort. The Suzuki Smash does well on all three fronts. It has comfortable ergonomics with a cushy seat and an upright seating position. The seat height of 750 mm is accommodating for people of all heights. The 130 mm of ground clearance also means that it makes short work of road imperfections. The bike also comes with practical features like the 8-litre underseat room area that comes handy for storing rain gear. There is also a keyhole shutter that reduces the risk of bike theft. One of the most amazing and practical features, however, has to be the inclusion of the gear indicator. This is especially helpful for new riders making it more accessible. This feature is often missing from much more expensive motorcycles, making it a very welcome addition.

suzuki smash 155 features

Encouraging dynamics

The most striking things that you will notice about the bike is how slim it is. The kerb weight of just 99 kg drives the point home. Suzuki has wrung the underbone formula hard to get the best dynamics out of it. The sporty body rides on top of a compact diamond frame chassis. Compact 124 mm wheelbase, 26 mm caster angle, and 64 mm trail makes for an easy to handle bike on even the tightest roads. The 17-inch cast alloy wheels with wide 70/90 and 80/90 Dunlop tires at front and back respectively, give it confident handling. Telescopic coil spring oil damped front forks in the front and swing arm type coil springs at the rear keep the ride comfortable on all kinds of road surfaces.

Fuel Efficient

The 115 cc air-cooled and carbureted SOHC engine produces 8.8 PS at 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 9 Nm at a just 4000 rpm. This means that acceleration is brisk. The engine has enough power to pull its rider at a steady pace and as a commuter, it is just enough. More importantly, the mileage figure is very encouraging at 45 to 47 kmpl. This is higher by 2-3 kmpl on the underbone that it replaces. A larger diameter muffler with an integrated oxidation catalyzer has been used to achieve this figure. The catalyzer further reduces harmful emissions by a large amount. The engine also uses the patent Pulse Secondary Air Injection System (PAIR) that removes unburnt fuel from the exhaust.

Suzuki Smash 155 engine

Suzuki Smash 155 Cons

Engine Refinement

While the engine is definitely both sufficient and efficient, it lags behind on the refinement front. Users have complained of vibrations from the engine transmitting on to the handlebars. Not just at high speeds either. In fact, driving this Suzuki at high speeds is very punishing on the wrists especially because of these vibrations. While a normal commuter is unlikely to even notice this problem, there is no reason why such an issue should be overlooked by the company.


This bike has a decently powerful engine and a very lightweight build. Its engine provides decent grunt early on the rev range, allowing it to take off in a spirited way from traffic stops. However, once the bike has gotten off, the power curve becomes flat. This means that the bike feels and drives slow. Again this issue arises because of the commuter friendly nature of the bike. But even the most uninteresting rider would like to drive fast every once in a while. As long as you drive exclusively in city traffic then, you don’t need to worry about this slow performance.

suzuki smash 155 side

Bare Bones

Yes, it is cheap. It is built to a price and not one cent beyond it. Still, it comes with 7 different color options, snazzy graphics, and a gear indicator. However, with spoked wheels, drum brakes, no LEDs, and honestly dated design, this bike feels cheap too. Surely, Suzuki could have offered some options like alloy wheels and disc brakes. A redesign will also help this bike’s cause in a big way.

With the major pros and cons of the bike out in the open, you can now take a more informed decision. The bike is a solid performer if you can manage your expectations. But it can also be improved in some crucial areas. In the end, however, the decision has to be yours.

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