2019 Yamaha MT-15: Features explained

2019 Yamaha MT-15: Features explained

The all-new Yamaha YZF R15 is one of the most popular bikes in its segment. There are no two thoughts about its looks and performance. However, we can’t say the same about the comfort it offers. Being a sporty machine, the R15’s seating position is quite aggressive which takes a toll on your wrists and back after a few hours of riding. Long story short, it wouldn’t be an ideal bike for daily city commuting.

2019 Yamaha MT-15 Left Angular

Considering the fact that most of the people who will be buying 150cc motorcycles would indeed use it for daily purposes, Yamaha has brought out its 2019 MT-15 in the Philippines. While MT-15 is based on the R15, it has its DNA linked to its elder siblings in the MT line-up. It represents the ‘Dark Side of Japan’ with its design. And being a naked bike, it’s more comfortable and easier to ride. Here are some of its top features explained.

LED headlamp

Let’s start with the looks of the 2019 Yamaha MT-15. One of the main attractive elements of this bike is its front end. It has got a mono-focus LED headlamp which gives a good throw and is accompanied by two LED DRLs. This combination gives the bike a predator-like appearance which is really cool. Youngsters would love it so much and it suits the tagline ‘Dark Side of Japan’ as well.

2019 Yamaha MT-15 Features 1

Sculpted fuel tank with air shrouds

The fuel tank on the MT-15 is very well put together. It has a nice design that gels with the naked look of the bike. Its creases on either side to help you to plant your legs on it while cornering. This gives you the confidence of leaning in the corners even at higher speeds. Yamaha has also implemented air shrouds on the tank. These are not just for styling purposes but enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the bike. And of course, they add to the muscular look as well.

USD forks

It’s good to see that Yamaha has given the MT-15 premium features like USD forks. These obviously perform better than the conventional telescopic forks and look great too. The golden color of these forks on the MT-15 looks fantastic and gives a big bike-like feeling.

2019 Yamaha MT-15 Features 2

Inverted LCD meter panel

This is another great feature that you would find on the 2019 Yamaha MT-15 specs sheet. It is a fully digital instrument cluster that tells you a lot of information like speed, rpm, temperature, and fuel level. It even has a gear indicator along with a gear shift light. Also, since it’s inverted in nature, visibility is not an issue even in direct sunlight.

155 cc engine with VVA

Yamaha motorcycles are known for having some of the world’s smoothest and toughest engines. No matter what you do and how roughly you ride, these blocks don’t give up that easily. The MT-15 is powered by the same engine that we’ve seen on the R15. It is a 155 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that has been tuned to churn out a maximum power of 19.3 PS at 10,000 rpm and a peak torque of 14.7 Nm that kicks in at 8,500 rpm. It is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system makes sure that there is enough torque even in the low and mid rev range.

2019 Yamaha MT-15 Features 3

Assist and slipper clutch

The MT-15 also comes with assist and slipper clutch which prevents clutch slippage in rough and high rev clutch condition. Also, it takes care of sudden rear wheel lock during aggressive downshifts. So, you don’t need to worry about losing a couple of gears to take that high-speed corner.

Superb handling

Yamaha has used its famous delta box frame on the MT-15 which provides excellent rigidity and balance. Changing directions quickly on this motorcycle is a breeze. Yamaha has used lightweight cast wheels to keep the weight of the bike as low as possible. The MT-15 weighs just 133-kg (wet) which again aids in enhanced handling.

These were some of the top features of the 2019 Yamaha MT-15. It is a good naked motorcycle in its segment. Unlike the R15, this one here is a lot easier on your body thanks to its upright riding stance. Just like any other bike, the MT-15 also has got a few problems. For example, even though the brakes perform well there’s no ABS on offer even as an option.

2019 Yamaha MT-15 Color Options

So, if you’re looking for a powerful, naked, and comfortable city commuter, then you should definitely check out this one from Yamaha. The 2019 Yamaha MT-15 price is Php 159,000 and it’s available in 3 colours - Ice Fluo, Matte Blue, and Tech Black.

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