5 reasons why the Lexus UX should be your first luxury car

5 reasons why the Lexus UX should be your first luxury car

The Lexus UX has been known for its innovative design, luxury features, advanced safety technologies, and ultra-efficient powertrain. This model is specially made for active urban adventurers who are seeking a sense of satisfaction behind the wheel.

When the UX was launched in 2018, Lexus International Executive Vice President Chika Kako explained that this model is “designed for the modern urban explorer seeking a fresh, contemporary, and dynamic take on luxury driving.” She added, “We designed the UX to appeal to young buyers who seek not only what is new and exciting, but what is also relevant to their lifestyles.”

Lexus UX Interior

As the most affordable model in the Lexus lineup, the UX is a perfect choice for customers who are eyeing to purchase their first luxury vehicle. Here are five reasons why the Lexus UX is a fine introduction to the luxury car segment.

Contemporary styling and craftsmanship

The Lexus UX features a robust crossover look that is crossbred with the stance of a sports coupe. Its exterior is highlighted by the iconic spindle grille with block-shape mesh pattern and three-dimensional appearance that changes depending on the viewing angle. Takumi modelers meticulously refined the vehicle’s exterior surfaces down to the 0.01-mm level, pushing the boundaries in the body-stamping process.

Lexus UX Spindle Grille

On the inside, Lexus UX has combined the sophisticated feel of a luxury car and the versatility experienced in a crossover. The interior elements were derived from Japanese traditions in craftsmanship and hospitality, but were modified by modern production techniques. The UX is upholstered with specially designed quilted leather seats that keep the occupants relaxed even on long journeys. It also features unique air-conditioning knobs with LED illumination powered by electromagnetic resonance that creates a floating illusion.

Lexus UX Interior

Lexus UX Interior

Urban practicality

Since the UX is engineered to cater to urban explorers, Lexus made this model easy to drive around the city. This subcompact luxury SUV is the first model built with the new Global Architecture Compact (GA-C) that uses high-tensile steel, high-strength adhesives, and laser screw welding to achieve excellent ride quality and stability.

Lexus UX

Outstanding performance

The Lexus UX is powered by a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine that delivers 168hp and 205Nm of torque. This engine is mated to a direct shift continuously variable transmission that enables a smooth yet fuel-efficient performance. The UX also boasts razor-sharp steering response in all driving situations, thanks to its lowered design.

Lexus UX

Through the Lexus Drive Mode Select feature, the driver can modify the driving experience by choosing among three different drive modes: Normal mode for an optimal balance between performance and fuel efficiency, Eco mode for smooth throttle response and moderate air-conditioning operation to maximize fuel savings, and Sport Mode for quicker throttle response and increased power steering feel.

Drive-centric features

Lexus designers incorporated the traditional Japanese architectural concept called “engawa” on the UX. They created a seamless design that extends the exterior aesthetic to the cabin. For instance, the upper section of the instrument panel appears to be connected to the windshield into the front of the car to give an infinite view of the road and beyond.

Lexus UX Cockpit

To ensure that the driver is focused on the road, all controls and gauges are placed within reach and sight. For convenience and comfort, Lexus combined the center console box and palm rest in one unit.

Lexus legacy

Lexus has a rich history of crafting automobiles to a very high standard. Despite being the most affordable in the brand’s entire lineup, the UX carries the same level of sophistication and the takumi master craftsmanship featured on other Lexus models.

Lexus UX Cockpit

The Lexus UX comes in the UX 200 which is priced at P2.538 million, and the UX 200 F Sport priced at P3.128 million.

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