New tech, driving improvements in updated Lexus UX

New tech, driving improvements in updated Lexus UX

MANILA: Lexus announced that a revised version of its UX line (UX 200 and UX 250h) will be launched in summer 2022. 


  • What updates is Lexus making on the UX range?

    Lexus said the new UX will get an improved infotainment system, sportier driving dynamics, and convenience features such as a digital key.
  • How does the new Lexus UX's digital key work?

    A smartphone app for the new UX allows the smartphone to be used as a digital key, in addition to being able to lock/unlock the doors via smartphone screen, the UX's engine can be started by pressing the start switch while holding the smartphone.
  • Introduced to the Lexus lineup in 2018 as an urban compact crossover, the UX uses the "Creative Urban Explorer" concept, with the aim to be the "CUE" to exploring a new lifestyle.

    The muscular body exudes toughness and strength, while the flared fenders evoke agile driving in order to create a bold and refined exterior. The interior cockpit combines a sense of driving excitement with a visually expansive space.

    In addition, the new UX is promised to pursue excellent steering response, handling stability, and refined ride quality. 

    The new UX will get newly developed 18-inch run-flat tires that contribute to quietness, the DNA of Lexus. The redesigned tread pattern reduces road noise. 

    Performance dampers and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) will be standard on the UX F Sport. The rear performance dampers quickly absorb body flex and minor vibrations to further sharpen handling and improve overall ride comfort and quietness.

    Lexus UX

    In addition, with its excellent responding damping force adjustment, the AVS simultaneously maintains a flat posture and absorbs excess shock, even on road surfaces with a combination of large undulations and minor bumps. This results in excellent steering response, stability, and a comfortable ride.

    Steering response is further improved by adding a brace to the steering gear. The aim is to achieve sporty driving performance faithful to driver operation.

    Since the UX launch in 2018, a cumulative total of approximately 240,000 units have been sold in more than 80 countries and regions as of the end of March 2022. The expanding lineup of electrified vehicles of Hybrid (HEV) and battery EV (BEV), achieved the percentage of electrified vehicles of approximately 80% of sales globally, making it the leading model in the Lexus electrified lineup.

    Going forward, Lexus will continue to contribute to the practical spread of electrified vehicles toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society, while tailoring to the diversifying needs and lifestyles of customers.

    Lexus UX

    Based on the "Always On" philosophy of continuous improvement through agile development, the new UX200/250h has further refined and exhilarating driving performance, enhanced its advanced safety systems by expanding the preventive safety technology functions and added the latest multimedia system.

    To enhance the driving experience, structural rigidity was improved by adding 20 spot welding points on the body and the EPS and shock absorbers tuning was performed accordingly. It achieved refined and exhilarating performance and to further improve the refined, direct feeling and response through extensive testing at Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama.

    For advanced safety system enhancements, Lexus aimed to make driving safer and more reassuring by enhancing the functionality of the "Lexus Safety System +" preventive safety technology.

    The Lexus Safety System + includes Pre-Collision System, Lane Tracing Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Emergency Driving Stop System. 

    Lexus UX

    The UX also features a new state-of-the-art multimedia system with a larger/higher-resolution touch screen display. Usability has been improved by optimizing the shapes and switch layout of the instrument panel and console area. Two USB charging connectors (Type C) have also been added in the front of the console. 

    Installation of a dedicated smartphone app for the new UX allows the smartphone to be used as a digital key for vehicles with this feature.

    In addition to being able to lock/unlock the doors via smartphone screen, the UX's engine can be started by pressing the start switch while holding the smartphone. The vehicle can be operated with just one smartphone, even if there are multiple vehicles compatible with the digital key that you own.

    As digital keys can be passed between smartphones, it becomes easier and convenient to lend or borrow the UX between faraway family members or friends.

    Photos from Lexus

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