Feel the Awesomeness with Civic-Inspired Driving Shoe

  • Apr 05, 2016

MANILA: Gone are the days when people used to flaunt their cars and gone are the days when auto manufacturers only devote their time designing and developing cars. Sleek, Stylish and Sporty, no we aren’t describing a car’s exterior here but something impressive, which isn’t a thought that’ll strike your mind if you are an auto enthusiast. Here, we are talking about the shoes inspired from the all-new Honda Civic. The Japanese automaker has launched the limited edition shoes, HT3 Limited Edition Driving Shoe whose design, style and comfort is relatable to the 2016 Honda Civic.

The Japanese brand has crossed the boundaries and joined the league of Ferrari, which has already introduced a pair of motorsport-inspired sneakers in accordance with Puma, which came out to the world as Ferrari Collection. Let’s have a look at the Honda shoes and what they have to offer to the world.

Honda shoe

3 Core Pillars

Influenced from the revamped 2016 Civic, the pair of shoes pays tribute to the three core aspects of the Honda design in style, which are high touch, high tension and high tech. The three important pillars act as the derivatives from the Honda’s sporty and dynamic styling.

Goal behind

According to the Senior Exterior Designer of Civic 2016, Jarad Hall, the aim behind developing the Driving shoe is to offer people a unique and uber-cool experience same as that of a car. He added, “Our all-new Civic lineup is a real game changer in its segment when it comes to styling and fun to drive spirit, and we look forward to stepping into the footwear world with a premium limited edition shoe that showcases just how remarkable the Civic is, inside and out.”

shoe by honda

Behind the Scenes

Taking you behind the scenes and to the making of the unusual production of Honda shoes. In collaboration with the digital media group, Thrillist and the fashion retailer, JackThreads, Honda managed to put life in HT3 Driving Shoe. Working in tandem with the prime designer of the new Honda Civic, Jarad Hall, the JackThreads designed the real Honda shoe that reflects the car’s sleekness, style, flowing silhouette and best-in class material.

Explore the Shoe

The show is designed craftly by the JackThreads featuring premium materials like suede and quilted leather. While the suede constitutes the upper part of the shoe, the leather has been included on the heel counter and on the insole. A neoprene vamp and articulated nodes are there to hold the foot in the right place giving a comfortable and snug fit to the driver. Covering the laces is a suede shroud, which fasten into place quite nicely. Removing it reveals the hidden Civic logo. Combining all the aspects, it is a comfortable yet fashion-oriented and futuristic product that serve the needs of the driver perfectly.

Honda driving shoe


The Limited edition HT3 Driving Shoe was unwrapped at a special event in Los Angeles alongside the all-new Honda Civic on March 29 and the host of that event was the digital media partner of Honda, Thrillist. If you wish to grab your pair, then you’ll have to loosen your pocket by $100 and can logon to

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