Should you buy the Honda Civic 2016? A pre-launch analysis!

  • Apr 02, 2016

Update: The highly awaited sedan from the fleet of Honda Motor, Honda Civic 2016 has finally made its way to the country, read the complete story here.

The all-new 10th Generation Honda Civic is scheduled to be launched at the upcoming Manila International Auto Show. And with such an important launch coming up in the next week, it is obvious that the Philippines automotive industry has been flooded with hype and questions around the new 2016 Civic. We at CarBay try to answer one of these questions, which is probably the most important doubt in the minds of anyone and everyone who is currently in the market to buy a D-segment sedan – 'Should you buy the all-new Civic?'

In order to simplify your buying decision, we have divided the aforementioned main question into the following sub-questions:

Who should buy the new Civic?

In a price-conscious market like the Philippines, the new Civic will likely enter on a back-foot. The reason behind this assumption lies in the fact that the ninth-gen Civic which is currently being sold in the country was in itself a costlier car than two of its most potent head-on rivals, the Chevrolet Cruze and the Toyota Corolla Altis. And once the all-new sedan graces MIAS, it is bound to be a bit more expensive, thus expanding the price gap between the new Civic and its immediate competitors. As a result, the new Civic is clearly aimed at a narrow set of audience.

If you are someone who wishes to travel at the back seat, being chauffeur driven most of the times, the Civic ain't the car for you. The harder suspension setup has upset its ride quality while the sloping roofline limits the headroom on offer.

But if you are someone who prefers dynamic styling with ample cuts and creases, the Civic is the best option in its segment. Moreover, being loaded with potent engines and a hard suspension setup, this Honda sedan can easily lure enthusiasts who wish to have fun with their cars. But make sure you have enough bucks to overcome the aforementioned relatively larger price difference.

Which engine option is your best bet?

The all-new Civic 2016 is powered by two engine options, both of them being completely different mills.

Engine Power Fuel Economy (Approx)
1.8-litre naturally aspirated 141 hp 12 km/l
1.5-litre turbocharged 173 hp 15 km/l

Enticed by the smaller 1.5-litre mill after looking at the above combination? Well, here's the catch. This turbocharged engine will come at a huge premium as compared to its larger naturally aspirated mill. Additionally, the turbocharger is an equipment difficult to maintain and can be a risk in the long term. Hence, both these variants again are targeted at a dedicated audience. While the turbocharged mill is squarely aimed at people who wish to put the pedal to the metal, those who want to treat the Civic as a daily commuter with the majority of miles clocked in city conditions should opt the naturally aspirated powerhouse.

Judge your personality on the aforementioned traits and get to know which option is perfectly suited to your needs. Do let us know in case of a dilemma!


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