Honda Civic 2016 Finally Makes its Way To the Philippines

Honda Civic 2016 Finally Makes its Way To the Philippines

MANILA: Here is the news of the hour! The anxiously-awaited 2016 Civic has finally landed on the Philippine soil flaunting all the style and power. The 10th Gen Civic has been unveiled in a flashy ceremony in the presence of dignitaries from Honda, auto critics, auto lovers and media. The ceremony was hosted by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), which further revealed the technical specifications and other aspects of this absolutely stunning sedan. Since the company first made an announcement about offering the new Civic, it is floating the tech-specs in bits and pieces raising the curiosity of the customers. Well, it indeed took a long time for this car to reach Philippines especially after making its ASEAN debut at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2016 in March. But, this gave the prospective customers some time to think and decide if this car is for them or not. For the Philippines automotive market, all-new Honda Civic is offered in 1.8E and RS Turbo trims. Well, guess it's too much of theory and finally time for some action. So without raising the curiosity of our readers, presenting you the all-new Honda Civic 2016 -

Refreshed Look

Civic 2016 Rear

Indeed, this is the first thing you would notice in the first glance and we bet, you will be amazed, just like we were. There are no structural differences in the Indonesian-spec model which was launched in April first week and the Fili-model. The 10th-Gen Civic  looks 'more' modern and elegant now. The front radiator grille has been stretched from the width and merged to the revamped LED headlamps. The aggressive look is complemented by sporty creases and bumper, sculpted hood and perfectly moulded fenders. This C-segment sedan has been adorned with C-shaped LED tail lamps expanded towards the trunk, creating a bold new rear profile just up to the expectations of the critics and customers. Overall, we loved what Honda has done with its new Civic 2016 styling.

Captivating Cabin

Civic 2016 Cabin

The new Honda Civic is not just about structural redesigning, it's much more than that and you would realize this, as soon as you slip inside its cabin. Boy! We love the redesigned interior, which houses a wide array of amenities and more space; credits to the bigger wheelbase. The upgraded plastic, soft upholstery and intelligently designed dash in the piano black finish will surely make you stay longer in this sedan. A full-color TFT instrument panel, 7-inch touch display, and wireless phone connectivity through Bluetooth are just a few of the numerous features to count right now. The silver accents on the centre console, dashboard, and steering wheel add more value towards the aesthetics of this cabin.

Power Performer

Civic 2016 1.8-litre Engine

Honda is quite considerate towards its technology and has created a craze wave among its loyals for its i-VTEC engine. The new Honda Civic is carrying the same legacy and technology under its label. This time, there are 2 options for the customers of new Civic 2016 in this segment. Borrowing the 1.8-litre engine from the previous model, the 10th Gen Civic has a 1.5-litre turbo unit reserved exclusively for the RS Turbo model. The naturally-aspirated unit under 1.8E model knocks out 141 PS of power with 174 Nm of torque while the turbo power unit shows its might by churning out a maximum power of 173 PS and an impressive torque of 220 Nm. The turbo unit is mated with Honda's patent Earth Dreams technology for enhanced efficiency and performance. One aspect which has surprised us is the non-availability of a manual transmission in both the variants. Yes, you read it right, only CVT is available with both the engines. Honda has made the structure approximately 30 kgs lighter than the previous model, which is surely one more factor encouraging the performance of the new Civic. All, we would say is, we trust you Honda on this!

Safety at its Best

Civic 2016 Crash Test

So, we are in that segment which is the priority of majority of the customers and when it comes to Honda, there is no need of giving a second thought. The new Civic 2016 is well packed with all the safety aspects for which Honda is already known. Alike to the Honda's fleet, irrespective of the segments, this C-segment sedan has G-CON + ACE structure which is highly capable of absorbing impact energy and shocks after a hit. The new low and wide platform helps in enhancing torsion rigidity and offers 'a class apart' crash safety. Stability of the drive is ensured through Vehicle Stability Assist while Anti-Lock Braking System prevents the wheels from locking while applying brakes at high speed. Oh! Did we mention dual front, side and curtain airbags (depending on the variants) offered by Honda in its all-new Honda Civic?

Our Take

Well, we would summarize this car with a 'WOW' expression. Indeed, Honda has done a great job and we totally love the new avatar of this already popular sedan. Though the new launch will hit the showrooms in June 2016, it is open for bookings through Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI). Talking about the price you have to shell out for this drive, the 2016 Civic 1.8E is available at PhP 1,088,000 while the new Civic RS Turbo model is tagged with PhP 1,398,000. Making your purchase more convenient are the various finance schemes, which you surely don't want to miss on.

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