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Level up your small business with the Isuzu Traviz

Level up your small business with the Isuzu Traviz
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If you’re a business owner, you must have surely considered investing in an Isuzu commercial vehicle for the goods or services that you offer. Being the top truck brand in the country for 21 consecutive years, Isuzu can be considered as a legend in manufacturing the best haulers for any industry.

For small- and medium-sized enterprises, Isuzu offers the lightweight Traviz which provides not only great space for cargo, but also a fuel-efficient engine that could help keep fleet operating costs low.

When it comes to carrying cargo, the Isuzu Traviz is considered as the best in its class as it offers 1,665kg payload capacity. The cargo volume capacity can even be expanded up to nine cubic meters when attached to a utility van or to an aluminum van body.

The Traviz is motivated by a Euro 4-compliant 4JAI 2.5-liter direct injection common rail Blue Power diesel engine paired to a five-speed manual transmission. The truck was designed to be a durable and reliable business partner which can overcome any road condition and transport heavy cargo without having to consume much fuel.

To help the driver to easily maneuver even through narrow streets, the Traviz has a tight 4.5-m turning radius, the smallest among commercial trucks.

Because of its dependable performance, the Isuzu Traviz is now commonly used in different businesses in the food, utility, cargo-logistics, and transport industries. It also used to transport agriculture and construction equipment. Moreover, the Traviz is used as mobile medic trucks that provide medical support in remote areas with no access to hospitals and medical centers.

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Isuzu Traviz ₱962,000 - ₱992,000 MA starts : ₱21,855

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