New Suzuki Ertiga – The Bolder and Better Japanese LUV

  • Jul 05, 2016

MANILA: Suzuki has been counted among the most prominent brands in the automotive market with a sumptuous fleet. The Japanese company offers cars in hatch, sedan and MPV segments with a wide array of comforting and convenient features to meet the needs of the customers. Though, the Philippines is a big market for sedans but the latest trend shows a big boom in the MPV segment. Understanding this, Suzuki has incorporated some revisions in the 2016 Suzuki Ertiga making it more comforting for the occupants. MPVs are known for offering utility factors with added functionality and new Suzuki Ertiga is no exception in this. With the added comforting, styling and convenience aspects, this graceful family drive is the new cash cow for the Japanese brand.

Suzuki has not only enhanced the appearance of this MPV, which the company proudly calls LUV or Life Utility Vehicle, but also packed some new features for the first time in this drive. With all the revisions, Suzuki has tried to keep the drive as economical as it was in its other generation in terms of price with a little correction for adding features. Guess, it's now time to find out what the new Ertiga has under its label which makes it more appealing than the 2015 model -

Modern Avatar

Ertiga Front fascia

The biggest change which you can see is on the exterior and can notice it as soon as you throw your first look at this revised drive. The new LUV is more stylish and appealing than its outgoing model. The black at the front fascia has now garnished with loads of chrome to give it an upper-class feel. The lower grille has also been modified changing the entire face to bolder and modern than the previous version. While the head lights are same as the outgoing model, the brand new fog lamp vessel completes this face in an impressive way.

More Cargo Capacity

Ertiga Cargo

We all know that Suzuki Ertiga is an MPV and made to accommodate 7 occupants. The company has considered more on the comfort and space front and enhanced it in the new Ertiga. Though the wheelbase is still the same counting to 2740 mm, just like the 2015 Ertiga, but still, the designers and engineers have modified the aspects of the available space for more comfort. If you are wondering how this is possible, let us explain you. The cargo area in the new model has been enhanced keeping the needs of a family or may be 7 occupants in mind. Earlier, this LUV had 113-litre with its 3rd-row seats up and now counts to 135-litre in the new version. With 3rd-row seats folded to flat, it counts to 460-litre which has been enhanced to 482-litre in the 2016 model and if you want more luggage area instead of passenger space, the 2nd and 3rd-row seats can be folded to flat to fetch 736-litre in the new Ertiga which is, somehow, 76-litre less than the 2015 model. The logic behind offering less space after folding the 2nd and 3rd rows is that rarely people require this much of cargo space which a seating capacity of 2 passengers.

Automatic Transmission

Ertiga automatic gearshift

We know you must be thinking that Suzuki already offers an automatic transmission in Ertiga and there is nothing new in this. But, let us remind you that the 4-speed automatic transmission was offered only in the uppermost trim, i.e., GLX only in the 2015 Ertiga. For the new Ertiga, Suzuki has been pretty considerate and to offer more convenience and choice of the prospective customers in mind, the Japanese company has added automatic transmission in the GL trim also. With this addition of 4-speed AT to GL trim, Suzuki has made it the sole Ertiga trim with both manual and automatic gearshifts.

Better Entertainment Facility

Ertiga entertainment unit

Suzuki has ensured that the drives in new Ertiga are safe, comforting and fun. To keep the long family drives more entertaining and enjoyable, the Japanese manufacturer has now added a touchscreen along with offline Navi System in GL trim. The top-notch trim, GLX, is now equipped with Android OS with online Navi capability, which surely upgrade the level of this trim making it stand among the best economical MPVs in the Philippines. In the 2015 model, both of these variants had integrated AM/FM, CD player, USB compatibility and MP3 which are also given in the 2016 trims with added features.

More Convenience Safety And Comfort

Ertiga airbags

The Japanese automaker has made lots of efforts in updating the appearance of its Ertiga and let us tell you that it is not just about the cosmetic enhancements. The new Ertiga possesses new features to add comfort and convenience during drives. This LUV is now fitted with Engine Start & Stop Push Button, though limited to GLX trim, to start it with just a push than using the actual key. Apart from this, a couple of safety aspects which were available only in the top-notch trim in 2015 model have now expanded to the other trims also. Mentioning that, dual front airbags are now a standard feature for all of the new Suzuki Ertiga trims. Also, the Keyless Entry System (Remote Control) which was available in the GLX trim only is now offered in GL and GLX trims.


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