Seven Impressive Features We Noticed in Ford EcoSport

  • Aug 05, 2016

MANILA: Ford EcoSport, what shall we say, is a car that has time and again proved its worth both on and off-road. The car has been running down the Philippines road for quite some time now and has seen only ups in its life course. The reason for which we feel to some extent is its distinguishing set of features that goes missing in its competitors.

We have already covered articles highlighting EcoSport pros, but this one concerns to its seven impressive and unique features.

1. Looking & Unlocking Becomes Easy


Door locking and unlocking feature is not new in cars and is usually supplemented by cluster of buttons present on driver's side door panel. But at times it all gets confusing with power window knobs resting in the same area, especially in the dark. Ford EcoSport has got the perfect solution to this and has placed the said door locking & unlocking button on the center console.

2. Takes Care of Music Lovers


Ford EcoSport is a smart car with smart placement of equipment. Like, for example, the positioning of a set of speakers beside inner front door handles. The said space usually is left empty by automakers, but Ford has used it efficiently, thus pleasing both eyes and ears all at once.

3. Easy to Access Connectivity Ports


One thing that we especially like about EcoSport is its easily accessible connectivity ports both by front and rear passengers. Most often these ports are either found placed on the center console or inside the front armrest, both restricting its usability. But here, you can find these connectivity ports resting in an open storage compartment present in the center tunnel allowing its free and untroubled usability by all.

4. Takes Care of Rear Passenger Power Need


Though EcoSport has an easy to access power port as mentioned above. But it looks like that the car understands the growing power need of its customers way to well and so withholds a rear 12V port as well.

5. Hidden Storage Compartment


It's always great to have something extra at the most unexpected place, it’s like a small treasure hunt in itself. Ford EcoSport will give you the same feeling with its front under seat tray. This one of a kind storage compartment can be used to place items like your laptops, mobile phone, charges and things like that. Also, if in case you are planning a surprise for your co-passenger it can be a good place to hide stuff.

6. Design Integrated Tailgate


One thing that speaks out loud about EcoSport’s amazing set of attributes is its design language. It seems as if the designers have given their sweat and blood to this car. The creativity of the designers can be seen on EcoSport’s tailgate that apart from being a door opener acts as a reflector as well.

7. Huge Cargo Space


750-litre, yes that much is the amount of cargo that this car can take in, all thanks to its 60:40 split rear seat. You are free to stuff in a washing machine, bicycle, or any other thing that you want to carry.


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