Sunday school: 4 lessons we gained from the Toyota GR Academy PH

Sunday school: 4 lessons we gained from the Toyota GR Academy PH

Last weekend, we attended a different kind of Sunday school called the Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) Academy Philippines. 


  • What is the objective of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy Philippines?

    Circuit and autocross racers for the Toyota GR Vios Cup are required to attend the Toyota GR Academy. The objective of the Academy is to teach participants the fastest and safest way of track driving.
  • When is the first leg of TGR Vios Cup 2022?

    The first leg will happen on July 2 at the Clark International Speedway.
  • In the Toyota GR Academy, not only did we and our classmates for the day receive a crash course on the basics of race driving, but also how aspiring racers can join the Toyota GR (TGR) Vios Cup. That's the one-make race series organized by Toyota Motor Philippines and Tuason Racing School (TRS). 

    Thankfully, though, no Vios Cup cars were crashed during the afternoon's worth of lessons at the race series' usual venue, the Clark International Speedway (CIS). All GR Academy students  ended the day holding valuable knowledge and skills in racing. Here are the four lessons we gained from this Sunday school.  

    What the Toyota GR Academy Philippines is all about 

    As mentioned, the GR Academy teaches the aspiring TGR Vios Cup participants race driving and the rules of the sport. The TRS — headed by racing driver JP Tuason — and its instructors will provide training to participants. 

    The participants include the Circuit racers who will go wheel-to-wheel on the entire CIS, and the Autocross drivers who will compete to set the fastest lap time around a tight course. As before, the TGR Vios Cup will stage both the Circuit and Autocross competitions. 

    Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy

    During our session, we were given the Level 1 training, which teaches the basic skills and essential safety rules needed to properly drive around the track. The said class discussed and allowed us to exercise threshold braking, the racing line, and track lapping. 

    Who can and how to join the Toyota GR Academy Philippines

    According to TRS, here are the qualifications one must meet to join the Academy:

    • Holders of a valid driver's license and those who can drive manual transmission. 
    • Alternatively, underage participants must know how to drive or have competed in other forms of motorsports. Minors also must provide a written consent from their parents or guardian that allows them to participate. 
    • Holders of National C Racing License from the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP). 

    Once participants meet the above requirements, they should inquire from TMP to purchase a Vios race car and look for or set up a race team for the TGR Vios Cup. 

    Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy

    Meanwhile, we were at the Toyota GR Academy being among the media contingent for the upcoming TGR Vios Cup Autocross Challenge. We'll be competing against influencers and drivers from the TGR GT Cup e-racing series, who also attended the lessons.

    Basic, but essential, track driving skills 

    Before we headed to the track, how to set the optimum driving  position with the car's seats and steering was discussed to us. The racing line — turning into a bend from the farthest edge of the track and to hit the bend's "apex" — was also tackled in the classroom. 

    For the threshold braking exercises, we were asked to launch the Vios Cup car from a standstill to 80kph, then slam on the brakes as soon as the car enters an area bordered by pylons. The objective was to make sure we apply the brakes hard enough and the car stops within that area.  

    Toyota Gazoo Racing Academy We applied all of these lessons in the small autocross course, and in track lapping sessions of CIS behind the pace car driven by the instructors. The braking and cornering skills taught us budding racers should make us achieve quicker lap times — and hopefully, pole position, too. 

    The GR Academy was much-needed refresher

    While we at ZIGWHEELS PHILIPPINES have already dipped our toes in motorsports, we still appreciated that Sunday session.

    Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Vios Cup

    Since we'll be competing in our second season of the TGR Vios Cup Autocross Challenge starting this July 2, the GR Academy has now left us vying to take top honors. 

    Photos from Toyota Motor Philippines and Dylan Afuang 




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