SUV vs Pickup Truck: 9 Arguments for Choosing One Over the Other

SUV vs Pickup Truck: 9 Arguments for Choosing One Over the Other

Currently, there is a truck and SUV boom, largely because of their efficient and strong diesel engines, there are many options available in many sizes, and there’s a notion among buyers that one should own a car that can serve every conceivable purpose.


  • What are the similarities between midsize SUVs and pickup trucks?

    Midsize SUVs and pickup trucks have diesel engines and four-wheel drive.
  • What are differences between midsize SUVs and pickup trucks?

    Midsize SUVs have an extra row of seats, but pickup trucks offer a wide bed for cargo.
  • Not everyone is sold, however, as some (us included) lean toward the automobile side of the ledger, since they are more maneuverable, have lower running expenses, and have sportier characteristics. What if you need to transport items, you ask? Purchase a hatchback or a wagon, and we’d protest.

    Of course, most people's lives aren't so straightforward, which is why having a truck or SUV makes great sense for a variety of situations. If any of them apply to your circumstance, you undoubtedly have to go and live largely. But which vehicle type should you go for? Let this piece be your guide, as we tell you the similarities and differences between the two.

    What are Trucks and SUVs?

    Isuzu D-Max (Photo by Hazel Nicole Carreon) (2)

    When we talk about trucks and SUVs here, we're talking about the midsize class, which includes vehicles like the Nissan Terra/Nissan Navara, Ford Everest/Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Montero Sport/Mitsubishi Strada, Isuzu Mu-X/Isuzu D-Max, and Toyota Fortuner/Toyota Hilux.

    Because their ladder-frame chassis and diesel engines are the same underneath, we enclose the names of the vehicles in slashes. Now, let’s tackle what these twins have in common.

    Similarities Between Midsize Trucks and SUVs

    Nissan Terra

    Off-Road Capable

    Both types of vehicles are capable off-road, aside from the aforementioned chassis structure and engines. Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, top models may also include a few more bells and whistles in addition to four-wheel drive capability and terrain management systems.

    Engine and Chassis are Designed to Handle Heavy Weights

    It's also no trouble to tow a trailer or mount a bike rack because the engine and chassis are built to handle high weights.

    2023 Ford Ranger Everest ARB

    High Ground Clearance

    Both provide a dominating road presence and a higher seat height. Owing to these benefits, some people may find it simpler to enter these kinds of cars due to the increased ground clearance.

    Now that the similarities have been addressed, let's examine their distinctions and why you should choose one over the other.

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    Differences Between Midsize Trucks and SUVs

    2023 Nissan Terra Sport

    Midsize SUVs Offer More Cabin Space

    In comparison to pickups, midsize SUVs have an advantage in a number of areas, most notably cabin space. A midsize SUV nearly usually has seven seats and, in certain situations, is also higher and broader. In terms of comfort, it's a no-brainer for a family of five to seven people. Another benefit of having a closed trunk is that you can keep your belongings secure and out of the reach of curious onlookers and the elements.

    Pickup Trucks are Easier on Fuel

    But because SUVs are heavier than pickups, the former may return lower fuel efficiency ratings as a trade-off.

    Ford Ranger XLS 4x2

    Pickup Trucks can Carry Nearly Anything

    The biggest benefit of a pickup truck is its long, open bed, which makes it possible to haul nearly anything. Pickups are used by construction businesses and contractors because they are easy to load and move about in. A scooter or motorbike, or really anything dirty, won't fit in the trunk of an SUV — unless you enjoy wiping up spills on the carpeted floor. This is because the room is constrained by the SUV's roof.

    Midsize SUVs are Easier to Ride and Park

    In a pickup, there can only be five seats, and it will fit more snugly than in an SUV due to the second row's restricted mobility. The fact that pickups might feel bouncy when not completely loaded is another problem that may have an impact on comfort and driving dynamics. Pickups are lengthy and might be more difficult to park in some circumstances, so keep that in mind.

    Toyota Fortuner GR-S

    Pickup Trucks Have a Lower Retail Price

    Entry-level pickups from the major manufacturers may cost less than one million pesos since they are classified as commercial vehicles and qualify for tax advantages. Top variations have price points that are quite comparable to those of midsize SUVs, with some almost dividing the difference. We may thus see why someone who is ready to pay P1.5 million or more could find it difficult to decide between the two car kinds.


    The peculiarities of various brands and models are still plenty, but in the end, it all boils down to the driving style and lifestyle you now have or want to have at the time of purchase. A midsize SUV is for you if you're seeking a reliable family car with extra seats and creature amenities. Those who are considering a pickup truck will probably have the chance to transport more items and will value the long, wide bed.

    Toyota Hilux Conquest side wide

    But the good news is, there is a truck or SUV for everyone because the market is so competitive. See which truck and SUV you like in that tough market.

    Photos from Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp., Nissan, Dylan Afuang, Ford Philippines, Toyota Motor Philippines, Hazel Nicole Carreon, and Roy Robles

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