Toyota Fortuner 2016 4WD or 2WD- Which one Should You Go For?

  • May 12, 2016

Are you planning to buy an all-new Toyota Fortuner but the question that continuously haunts you is where you should put your money on i.e. 4WD or 2WD? To start off, we must say opting for a Toyota would be one of the wisest decisions you’d ever made in your life. So, you are an SUV geek and love to drive with a high seating position. Being an SUV lover, you’d love to travel hard and rough over the terrains that aren’t very to drive on as they generally don’t care about how exactly the terrain is and drive like a king.

Fortuner could be the best possible choice from the options available in the market but to opt for a four-wheel drive or a two-wheel drive system still remains a mystery. So, here we try to simplify your confusion based on the following aspects, which probably are good enough to land you on a definite decision.

fortuner off-roading


The foremost factor that takes the lead in your decision-making process is the purpose of your buying a vehicle. If you like to go on adventure trips and long journeys to remote places where cemented roads aren’t an obvious thing then putting your hard earned cash on 4WD Fortuner will be a wise move. Whereas, if you are an urban driver and you hardly or even don’t go for aforementioned trips then grabbing a 4WD vehicle will be a waste.


Power is one of the few factors which plays a significant role in your decision making. If power is what fascinates you and it is the only thing you have drooled for all your life then 4WD Fortuner is there for your taking. If towing is a regular phenomenon with your SUV then four-wheel drive system is what you should opt for. While on the other hand, if you’ll drive this big machine in just urban driving conditions then opting for a 4WD variant won’t be a wise choice rather 2WD suits your needs perfectly.

Fortuner front view

Fuel Economy

Are you in the league of people for whom fuel economy matters above anything else and you often try to calculate how much Kms your vehicle has run on one litre of fuel then you should probably go for a 2WD. The four-wheel drive will create a big hole in your pocket as the 4WD model would definitely consume a large volume of fuel as compared to a 2WD vehicle. Talking about the Fortuner, 4x4 model underpins a much larger engine of 2755cc while the 4x2 model is powered by a 2393cc, which is also a factor affecting the fuel economy of the vehicle.


Next aspect that needs to be focussed upon before buying a Fortuner is the maintenance. As the maintenance cost for a 4WD model is significantly high. The main cause for the high maintenance is the differential box, which is really hard on your pocket to get it fixed. The probability of this box going out of shape is always high. The differential box is one of the important parts in 4x4 configuration and is responsible for transferring power to all four wheels of the car via a transmission system. It also plays a crucial role in optimum torque distribution by enabling the car to cross through tough and uneven terrains off-road.

Fortuner 2016 rear view


Finally your pocket size. You need to see if your pocket allows you to buy a 4x4 Fortuner or not. As quite a few extra bucks would be required to buy a four-wheel drive vehicle ahead of the two-wheel drive Fortuner.

Final Word

Hopefully, above mentioned points are good enough to make up your mind whether you should go for a Fortuner 4WD or Fortuner 2WD. Do give them a thought before you head towards your Toyota dealer or shoot a call to your nearest Toyota dealership outlet with further queries.

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