What all Datsun is Planning in Order to Emerge as a Brand in the Philippines!

  • Oct 30, 2015

MANILA: Datsun aims to provide a sustainable motoring experience and targeting optimistic customers in high growth markets. In Philippines, Datsun is going to spread its business with debut of its cool looking Go. Nissan is the third global brand and also well known for manufacturing consumer oriented vehicles and shares its DNA with the Datsun brand. Datsun has been holding a keen interest in studying the automobile industry of the south Asian Countries. In the coming years, the company is planning to emerge as a favorable brand that could offer higher after sales services and consumer base. Datsun has been successfully selling its prominent vehicles like Datsun Go, Datsun on-DO, Go+, and mi-DO.


It has been already revealed by the President of Nissan Philippines that Datsun is setting up around 14 dealerships in the country, including one of the dealerships in Sucat and the other 13 outside the Metro Manila. They have also planned to set up one dealership each around Bulacan, Cebu, Santa Rosa, Butuan, IIoilo, Calamba and Dumaguete. This announcement proves that Datsun is all set to bring its cars to the Philippines soil and aims to be a part of the growing automobile sector.

The brand is expected to arrive with Five seater Go and seven seater GO+, making their first debut in Philippines. Datsun Go will be the first of the several other models of the automaker that will be launched later this year. These prominent vehicles have been doing a good marketing in many countries across the globe. Datsun has sold around one lakh units in fast growing countries like India, South Africa, Russia and Indonesia collectively.

Now, as this this mass market vehicle provider has planned to enter our nation, let’s check what could be there on offer with Datsun Go-

  • Clean and decent design styling across the exterior

  • A bit bigger in size than the competitors present already in the market from both inside and outside

  • 1.2L engine paired with five speed manual transmission churns out best power maintaining optimum torque-to-weight ratios

  • Superior urban ride quality, especially in city traffic

  • Small turning radius and light driving controls makes it an ideal city car

  • The boot space of 265 litre offers maximum area for accommodation

  • Mobile docking station for connecting smartphone


The five-seater hatchback is designed to meet the needs of growing optimistic customers in high growth markets. Datsun is all set to target people who seek better value for money and need a transport that makes their lives easier. Datsun Go is expected to be priced at PhP 290,000.

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