Why to Choose Sedan over SUV?

  • Oct 29, 2015

MANILA: People are usually fond of compact and sleek cars that offer amazing design styling and performance. Although, a SUV cars have much more to offer but sedans are also no less to give you a complete thrilling drive experience. Sedans are usually deigned for daily commutating in the city traffic while the SUVs are designed for off roads and long trips. To be honest, a sedan is more pleasurable to drive and handle especially on straight expressway. The sheer handling and dynamics offers convenient and smooth ride which appears unmatched to SUVs. This is all due to low center of gravity and high power to weight ratios compel the Sedan to achieve great performance.

Here presenting you some points that will let you figure out the simple differences between the two, giving you a broad and better idea!


A sedan's acceleration will bring a SUV to halt as the sedan offers light weight and superior aerodynamics. Normally, a sedan like Honda City takes 10 seconds to go 0-100 while the average time taken by a SUV in the same price bracket takes 15 seconds. A sedan's braking potential is also superior to similar-price SUVs.

Fuel economy

A sedan will be comparatively more fuel efficient than the SUVs. The average sedan is about 40% more fuel efficient. In case of petrol variants, Sedan tend to be a great performer and the figures go upto 75% in favor of sedans. Due to poor fuel efficiency of petrol SUVs, Sedans are preferred.

Depth of Innovation and engineering

It's not about the price you pay for an SUV, but you can still buy a sedan at a lesser price with more advanced technology. Comparing a VW Passat to a Ford Everest will let you know that the new Passat lies far ahead than the Everest.

Ride comfort

Apart from few SUVs, from Endeavour to the Everest suffer from satisfactory ride quality during long drives while most of the C+ sedans are designed to offer optimum comfort level and ride quality.

Easier to handle

A sedan's usually comes in smaller dimensions that allows the driver to control the car easily in city traffic and park the car into tight parking spot. The controls like steering, gearshift, and pedals require lesser effort.

Effective Cost & Less maintenance

SUVs take a good amount to build and install with complex fittings around it. A SUV is quite expensive to buy while a sedan is available at a lesser cost. Sedan which cost higher are comparatively more appealing and offer extra add-ons.

VW Passat cost around ₱2,250,000 while a SUV like Ford Everest comes at a base price of ₱1,290,000. In a cost effective budget, you'll still have a wider range of choice of Sedans than SUVs.

Which among the two stands more Safer?

A sedan's superior handling & braking potential allows a good ride and possibility of accidents is less while some SUVS are prone to easy roll over and go out of control in case of collisions leading to a severe damage.


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