Why Mazda 6 is a Midsize Car you can Count on ?

  • Feb 26, 2016

MANILA: Midsize cars are the new hot 'thing' of the market and are currently ruling the sales chart globally. The Philippines market is no exception to the scenario and has shown some great midsize purchase figure.

The question here is, why are these midsize cars preferred so much? The answer to this can be covered under following three points -

  • They look bigger than a hatchback

  • They have more space than a sedan

  • They have a ground clearance closer to an SUV

Nothing can be commented on price, as these midsize cars are available in a wide range of price. On one hand where Subaru Levorg falls in this category, we have Audi A6 Avant residing under the same roof.

All in all, it's not the price but the quality, reliability, and safety that forms the major parameters of car purchase. With so many midsize cars now housing the Philippines market, it's difficult for a buyer to pick one.

A look beneath will solve the entire "Which one to buy" issue.

Mazda 6 is the recommended one, not only from our side but also from the renowned names of the auto industry. In addition, over the years, it has grabbed many awards, further explaining its worth. Below are enlisted some major points about Mazda 6 that will help you making your mind clearer about the car.

2015 Car of the Year

  • It's a midsize car, following under the category of a wagon.

So, unlike the usually bought and famous crossovers, this one will be a five-seater with an exceptionally bigger boot.

  • Its positive side weights heavy over its 'not as such' negative front.

So, if you buy one, you ensure yourself a car with practical space, great handling, and exhilarating performance.

  • Its DNA is distinct from other Mazda creation.

So, if you bring one home, you will have distinct looking sports wagon, engineered with Mazda best-in-class precision, confirming a turn from every head it passes-by.

Enough of words now let's talk numbers. Below is a precise spec sheet of Mazda6 Wagon will further help you with the purchase decision.

Dimension reads as -

4865 mm x 1840 mm x 1480 mm (L X W X H)

Under hood resident -

2.5L Normally Aspirated gasoline engine, producing 188 PS & 250 Nm

Convenience Profile -

Power Steering, Climate Control, Multifunctional Steering, Bose Speakers, Leather upholstery

Price Peep -

2.5 L Sports Wagon for PhP 1,795,000
2.5L 4DR with BOSE for PhP 1,785,000

Awards in its Kit -

2015 Car of the Year, reddot Design Award, 10th C! Award, 2014 RJC Japan Car of the Year


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