PH-spec new generation Hyundai Accent might come from India

  • Sep 07, 2018

MANILA: Hyundai has been very active in 2018. As the automaker has already introduced four new cars in the form of the Santa Fe, Ioniq hybrid, Veloster, and the Kona. However, there is still one car that is left out from the upgrade cycle, the B-segment Accent sedan.

hyundai accent

As a matter of fact, the latest generation of the Hyundai Accent is already available in countries like China, India, Russia, the United States, and Canada. The car was introduced back in February 2017. However, this 5th generation model is not available in the ASEAN countries yet, including the Philippines.

Hyundai Accent interior

From Sivitha Nakula, a non-technical trainer at Hyundai’s Asia and Pacific wing, we learnt that the newest generation of the Hyundai Accent won’t come to the Philippines and the company is not looking forward to introducing it as of now. The reason being, the new model could see a big price hike, which would adversely affect its presence in the very price-sensitive segment.

Hyundai Accent side

Yet, there is a slight ray of hope for all those enthusiasts who are waiting for it to arrive in the Philippines. Hyundai may consider bringing the new generation Accent in 2019. And if at all it is to come, it would be sourced from the Indian market, where it is sold as the Hyundai Verna and commands supremacy in its segment. Plus, getting it from India would mean that the price won’t be very high, limited to a marginal or nil addition. However, the company hasn’t given this expectation a nod but hasn’t denied it either.

Hyundai Accent rear

Considering the fact that the present Hyundai Accent has only driven the company’s sales higher, introducing the latest generation would just be a fruitful step. Plus, considering that the B-segment sedan space is seeing newer competitors, an update on the Accent would keep it more relevant and in the hunt to be number one race.


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