Picking up the pace: Can Foton Thunder outstage Toyota Hilux

Picking up the pace: Can Foton Thunder outstage Toyota Hilux

Known for its strength and off-road durability, Toyota pickup trucks have been in the industry for decades now. On the other hand, younger player Foton Motor is also stepping up its game and still conquering the utility vehicle scene. With its 2019 models on the spotlight, can Foton Thunder strike-through Toyota Hilux glory?

Let’s take a look at an in-depth comparison of the two models’ top variants - 2019 Foton Thunder 4x2 Turbo A/T vs 2019 Toyota Hilux CONQUEST 2.8 4X4 A/T.

Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux - Dimensions

Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux - dimensions

The Foton Thunder is definitely wider and taller than the Hilux and its wheelbase can also be considered longer. However, you can see that in terms of length and load bay size, the Hilux tops the race.

Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux  - Engine and chassis

Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux

  • The Thunder specs sheet shows a 2.8L diesel engine while Hilux employs a 2.8L turbo diesel wngine. Thunder has a 2800 cc engine displacement while Hilux is at 2755 cc
  • Both cars have 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Whilst Foton Thunder’s engine is running in a SOHC engine and Hilux has a DOHC, it is very clear that the latter has more power output and is much torquier
  • The claimed fuel efficiency of Thunder is much better than Hilux’s
  • Thunder has a 4x2 drivetrain while the Hilux is using a 4x4 so it’s essentially better for off-road and challenging terrains
  • Toyota Hilux specs sheet comes in 12 variants while the Foton Thunders comes in three with only the Thunder 4x2 Turbo in automatic transmission

Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux  - Prices


Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux - price

Standard features on offer

Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux - Features

What Foton Thunder 4X2 Turbo offers over Toyota Hilux Conquest 4x4?

In terms of the rear suspension, the multi-link suspension attached to Thunder can last longer than the Leaf Spring of Hilux and is also best for climbing. Thunder has foldable rear seats perfect for added loading capacity. It also has an integrated antenna. Foton Thunder models are by far less expensive than Conquest and G models of Hilux.

What Toyota Hilux Conquest 4x4 offers over Foton Thunder 4X2 Turbo?

The integrated technology sets it apart to its opponent. Aside from the automatic air conditioning system, it also has automatic climate control and navigation system. It also has more airbags provision than Thunder. The entertainment system of Hilux also gives it an edge as it has a 6.5-inch capacitive touch screen and has a DVD player.

In retaliation to the integrated antenna of Thunder, Hilux has a power antenna. Moreover, the Hilux Conquest comes in two colors while Thunder only has one color. Apart from the larger wheels, Hilux also has an optional sport or high-over bar while the Thunder has none. The Hilux models are also available in both leather and fabric-wrapped seats.

Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux - Verdict

Generally, Toyota Hilux has infused its ute models with lots of technology and safety features. While Thunder is less expensive, more rugged in style and can offer better-towing capacity because of its 4x2 drivetrain setup, the Hilux remains more powerful and torquier, hence,

makes it a better option for a pickup truck who can go off-road and conquer terrains as well as mud or water crossing. The safety features and entertainment system that Hilux employs is also something that sets the bar high, after all, you can have a better sound trip while having an adventure with a 6 piece speaker rather than four.

Foton Thunder vs Toyota Hilux

Although the Thunder has better fuel efficiency and most likely to have better-towing capacity and higher payload, you can still see that Hilux is much sleeker in terms of design and by far the best innovation for utility vehicles as of today.

Therefore, Toyota Hilux is still safe to be proclaimed as the throne-bearer when it comes to advanced and powerful pickup trucks that have better design and technology features. With the upcoming 2020 Thunder model, we can only assume that Foton will be doing its best to step up their game.

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Toyota Hilux vs Foton Thunder Comparison

Toyota Hilux
  • ₱861,000 - 2.039 Million
Foton Thunder
  • ₱1.128 Million
Hilux vs Thunder

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