Toyota Vios Vs Honda City - Two Sedans, One Battle Field

Toyota Vios Vs Honda City - Two Sedans, One Battle Field

Toyota Vios is the most loved car in the country, but the car is not untouched and contently receives tough competition from the likes of Honda City. With its low price and high-end safety features, City comes out as a full-utility car. But will it be able to compete with Toyota's reliability, lets find out.

In the recent times, sedan segment has become the new hot favorite of the urban commute, giving the owner a sense of style accompanying the great sedan comfort. Toyota Vios has acquired the maximum market share in the Philippines automotive industry. But, there is one car that has challenged this epitome builder that goes by the name of Honda City. The City features a long array of advancements that cannot go unnoticed and will surely shadow Vios sales figures in the times to come. We here present you a comparison of top variants of these master cars; it will be 1.5G A/T variant for Toyota Vios and 1.5 VX+ for City.









Safety and Security





Both the B-segment sedan stands shoulder-to-shoulder in the ring. They replicate the two twins, though they are similar, but a closer look at each one will reveal their distinct characteristics. That will help one decide which among the lot is better? Which among the two deserves the winning crown?

Well, a quick look over the above mentioned detailed description shouts out one thing that City is a better choice among the two. From looks to safety, boot space to interior all the areas are well polished with utmost care. And these things at a price tag you will never think twice before seeding on a sedan. But this doesn’t make Vios any less of a winner, the car is a ranging champion for this year’s first semester. Surprised! Well don’t be coze when the name Toyota attaches with a car itself becomes a trust symbol. The brand in known globally for its service and durability. It's upon you to decide which among the two will enter your garage door.

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Toyota Vios vs Honda City Comparison

Toyota Vios
  • ₱681,000 - ₱1.02 Million
Honda City
  • ₱848,000 - ₱1.058 Million
Vios vs City

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