How to Go Green with your Gasoline Car?

  • Jun 27, 2016

MANILA: Go Green slogan is going strong these days, everybody from government to a non-government organisation, everyone is raising the issue every now and then. Even our fellow auto manufacturers are amongst the one working in this front and are seen shifting their attention from gasoline to hybrid cars.

Mostly we have seen gasoline-fueled cars running around the roads. And at the same time, new buyers are a bit skeptical about putting their hands on hybrid and electric cars. Either some have performance issues or are expensive. So, the question arises - How can we protect the environment with our gasoline eating cars?

But before starting off, we'll like to mention what all automakers are doing on the fuel feeding cars front that makes them more environmentally friendly. Now, one way of protecting the environment is fitting a fuel-efficient engine in a car that gives both, a good performance figure and eats up less fuel. This has been achieved by the automakers by pairing the existing engines with turbocharging technology. To name some car manufacturers that are proud builders of such amalgamation are Ford with its wide range of EcoBoost engines, Chevrolet, and Dodge that offer turbocharged engines with its cars like Cruz and Dart.

Below are mentioned some simple practices that can make your car a nature-loving & caring machine -

1. Follow your Vehicle Service Regime Thoroughly


The first step towards making your car environment-friendly starts with following a timely and proper car service regime. As a car that is long due for service is both harmful for the environment and your pocket (get ready for some heavy fuel bills). On the other hand, if you own a well-maintained car it will emit less CO2 and will show reduced fuel consumption.

Things you should remember -

Regular engine performance check-up
Timely replacement of air filters
Regular oil change
Proper inflated tires
Routine gas cup check

2. Avoid buying new car & try using your old car to the fullest


Another way in which you can protect the environment is by limiting your new car purchase. How? Well, a lot of metal, electricity and water goes in making a car, and you can save a lot by avoiding your purchase decision. And only make one when it's extremely important and unavoidable.

Things you should do -

Proper care and timely service as discussed in the above point will give your car a longer and healthy life.

3. Recycle is the key to Preserve


Another important way in which you can protect your environment is by proper disposal of waste car parts. Remember guys, incorrect disposal of waste can lead to the spread of poison substances in the area where the part is dumped.

Things to remember -

Always remember to dispose of motor oil, batteries, tires and other fluids, which is the best way suggested by the company.

4. Re-power your car's heart


Whenever you encounter an engine problem never ever ignore the same and take an immediate action on the same straightaway. A rebuilt mill can give your filling car new life along with displaying better fuel economy and performance figures.

Things to remember -

Re-manufacturing an engine is always a better option than buying a new car. It's not only a cost effective but a greener option as well. Also, a rebuilt mill with proper care and maintenance is capable of lasting as long as a new engine.


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