Important Car Safety Features That are Mostly Underrated            

  • May 06, 2016

MANILA: Car safety is a very crucial feature in any car and most of the manufacturers are now focusing on improving the safety aspects of their model lineup. With more traffic and cars on the roads today, even customers are now looking forward towards advanced safety features.

Through the years, car safety has taken on several forms and with the advancement in technology, safety aspects have come to the forefront. Car manufacturers have been putting a lot of efforts to make their vehicles sound with advanced safety features like Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Stability Control, Brake Assist, Hill Start Assist etc. But along with these advanced features, there are still few features that are still neglected by the manufacturer and the customers.

So here' s a list of safety features found on the exterior of cars which almost no salesman will inform you about when buying a new car.

Crumple Zones

Crush Zones

These are considered as some of the most effective innovations and are also known as crush zones. These are the areas of a car that are designed to deform in a collision. They absorb the energy of the impact, which prevents it from being transferred to the occupants. Parts like fenders, bumpers and hood are considered to be the crumble zones and are designed to crumple like an accordion, hence, absorbing the impact.

Breakaway Motor Mounts

Though these are not visible, but their life-saving impact is huge. These motor mounts attached the engine to the frame of the car and they are engineered specifically to detach the engine from the frame and with the front forward motion, it drops the engine underneath the car instead of being pushed into the cabin of the car.

Steel-belted tires

We pretty much pay more attention to our car's tires, as they are the ones that keep the car on the road. With the steel fibres belted in, car can hold up in even the worst and extreme conditions. These belts also ensure a longer life span and less maintenance in the long run.

Side Impact Door Beams

Just like the crush zones, these door beams absorb impact energy in case of any side collision. They are integrated into the door for an additional reinforcement and avoid any big damage to the passengers.

Tempered Safety Glass

Car Windshield

These are also designed keeping the utmost safety of occupants in mind. They are heat tempered and when heavy objects smash into it, they shatter into multiple small cubes instead of large pieces flying around.

Roll Cage Construction

The most important feature is the exo-skeletal, which provides the maximum protection to the occupants of a car. In any accidental situation or in the case of a rollover, this provides protection all around the car. Even if the car or any vehicle turn upside down on its roof, this cage prevents any part to be pushed inside the cabin.

So, this is a brief list of the safety features which most of the users are not aware of. Hopefully, this article will make you all more aware of what other safety features are in our cars. Be aware, do ask questions.

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