Honda Click 150i: Reasons to buy

  • Aug 22, 2018

The Click 150i is Honda’s flagship scooter in the Philippines. It comes with the biggest displacement and premium features that fulfil all the demands of a modern urban commuter. It was first launched in 2015 and received an update in 2017. This year, the company launched a brand new Honda Click 150i that takes the styling one notch higher. The new Click 150i is initially going to be launched in Thailand but should soon make it onto our shores. As flagship scooters go, the Click 150i specifications are fully loaded with features that deliver everything that a modern commuter needs. Here is everything that makes this scooter such a great buy.

 new Click 150i

Modern sporty styling

Like all Hondas, the Click 150i comes with sporty styling that is not too hard on the eyes. First, there are the Click 150i’s color options – brown blue and black. All of them come in a matte finish that gives the scooter a mature look. The sporty stripes on the edgy rear body panels give it some extra character. The front gets dual keen LED headlights that are sleeker and yet brighter than halogen lights. The scooter’s silhouette with its rakish tail section also adds to its sportiness. The 14” alloy wheels with slim spokes are another added bonus.

Urban-oriented features

 new Click 150i FEATURES

Being a modern scooter primarily meant for urban use, the Click 150i comes with everything that the modern user expects. First is the semi-digital information display. With its digital display it gives the rider a quick view of all the information that they need at just a glance. The seat can be opened from a switch nestled next to the keyhole. The keyhole itself is protected with a magnetic shutter that keeps it safe from thieves. Honda has also provided the Click 150i with a smart key with an answer back system. This allows the rider to locate their scooter in crowded parking spots. As long as you are within 50 m of your scooter, press the button on the key and the scooter will beep its horn and flick its lights to show you where it is. Then there is the large underseat storage area. With 18L of cargo capacity, it can store all your daily essentials. The shape of the space is such that it can also store a full face helmet. How they managed this with such a slim tail end is any one’s guess.

Zippy and nippy engine

 new Click 150i ENGINE

Powering the Click 150i is a 150 cc, SOHC engine producing peak power of 12.47 hp at 8500 rpm and peak torque of 12.8 Nm at just 5000 rpm. This allows the lightweight sub 110 kg scooter to reach a top speed of 110 km/h. The engine is also water cooled for unmitigated performance even in long rides. The fuel injection is mapped for optimized performance with fuel economy which translates to an astonishing 52 km/L mileage figure. This is also thanks to the Idling Stop System that shuts off the engine after it has been on idle for some time, thus avoiding unnecessary fuel combustion. The above normal 5.5 L fuel tank is like the cherry on top. The engine is mated to a smooth automatic transmission.

Balanced braking

 new Click 150i IMAGE FRONT AND REAR

The Honda Click 150i is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake up front and a drum brake on the rear. While this in itself would have been sufficient, Honda has also given it its Combi braking system. This system activates both the front and the rear brakes when the left brake lever is pulled. This then distributes the brake force proportionately to deliver the most confident braking possible. Pulling the right brake lever applies only the front brake.

Affordable quality

 new Click 150i STYLE

The Honda Click 150i’s price of Php 91900 is not the cheapest. But it does come with some of the best equipment and a fuel-efficient engine. Honda’s reliability and quality of components means that its ownership is also going to be hassle-free.

For the modern urban commuter, the Honda Click 150i is one of the best scooters available on the market. Not only is it stylish and modern but also fuel efficient and convenient.


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