Key highlights of 2020 Honda Air Blade

Key highlights of 2020 Honda Air Blade

Looking for an AT bike with a stylish and sporty stance, reliable driving performance, and advanced tech feature? Well, wait no more, because the all-new 2020 Honda Air Blade is now here to zoom into our local thoroughfares!

After its star-studded grand launching last January being Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman as endorsers, the Honda Air Blade was anticipated to rollout its units by this month. 

Honda Air Blade price is marked at Php 109,000, which means it is one of the most affordable AT bikes that are bred to provide amazing riding experience and powerful features.

Honda Air Blade launch

The Honda Air Blade is currently available in the 150 cc model but as announced to have a 125 cc version rolled out locally soon.

This AT bike is powered by a 150 cc liquid-cooled Single Cylinder SOHC four-stroke engine that can produce a maximum speed of 13.0 horsepower at 8500 revs per minute and 13.3 Nm torque at 5000 revs.

The Honda Air Blade 150 has a measurement of 1919 mm which makes it almost the same length with its fellow Honda model Click150i while its width is at 679 mm and the height is at 1062 mm. It has a fuel tank capacity of 4.4 liters and when full it can cover up to 200 kilometers given the claimed fuel efficiency of 47 kmpl.

Honda Air Blade front

Given its prowess in the road and affordability, what are the other things that make this AT bike a definite must-have for moto sapiens? Here we have listed the top features of Honda Air Blade -

Engine technology

Honda took a different level of innovation when they did the engine set up for the Honda Air Blade. The engine of this motorcycle is packed with four engine technologies that will improve not just the handling but its riding performance as a whole and these are the following:

  • The Electronically Controlled Alternating Current Generator (ACG) Starter was integrated into the Air Blade 150 in order to ensure that the motorcycle starts and restarts easily and quietly while making sure that the idling stop system will work just fine.

Honda Air Blade front

  • With the Programmed Fuel Injection feature that is also present among well-recognized Honda Car models like Accord, Civic, CR-V, and  HR-V, the Air Blade’s engine was bred to help on providing outstanding power and driveability while reducing emissions and ensuring better fuel efficiency. On top of this, having this kind of fuel supply system, the maintenance and repair will be much easier as well.
  • On the other hand, the updated Combustion Chamber is the one that enhances the complete engine combustion and performance that can boost the riding performance.
  • Lastly, the Honda Air Blade was also made better by reducing its friction and vibration during acceleration through the Intelligent Low Friction technology.

Honda Air Blade rear

Lighting system

If you see the unit in metal, you will be amazed at how the Honda team worked on conceptualizing the look of this model. The rectangular LED dual lamp accentuates the urban vibe of the motorcycle while the turn signals and twin rear headlamps further improve the whole outlook of the Air Blade 150 that is fashioned not just for male motorists but also for the female ones.

Full LED digital panel

Just like the all-new Honda ADV 150 and the Click 150i, the 2020 Air Blade 150 also features a full digital meter panel. This ensures a clearer and faster riding information reading while on the road. It also gives the rider the accurate riding details right of the bat without squinting your eye to check on the analog pin and where does it point really.

Honda Air Blade digital display

Utility box

One of the highlights of this motorcycle is the spacious utility box. With a maximum capacity of 2.7 liters, you can easily fit two helmets plus your other documents or belongings. The light in the U-box is very beneficial especially when you needed to open your compartment in an area with a lesser amount of light. On top of this, you can also charge your cellphone in the attached USB outlet. Unlike the other scooters with USB outlet near the handle, you can charge bigger gadgets like a tablet here since the U-box is very spacious enough to accommodate.

Fuel tank lid and U-box buttons

Talking about convenience? The fuel tank lid of this motorcycle is not placed under the seats so it will save you time from fumbling over the keys just to open the fuel tank lid. Just push that button, gas up, then zoom in again! But since opening, the u-box can also be a hassle for you, don’t fret, just push the other button and your compartment will be opened - easy peasy.

Honda Air Blade buttons

Smart key system

This scooter is also equipped with the Honda Smart Key Stem that allows keyless ignition and locates your unit more efficiently. 

Idling stop system

In line with the continuous efforts of Honda on ensuring fuel efficiency, a lot of its motorcycle models are equipped with the Idling Stop System. When this feature is turned on, the engine automatically switches off at traffic lights and other brief stops which helps on lessening the unnecessary consumption of fuel. Once you twist the throttle, the engine will just restart automatically again.

On the other hand, the Honda Air Blade 150 specs sheet also features a side stand switch. When this feature was activated, the engine automatically switches off when the side stand is laid off. This is actually an added safety feature that prevents incidents of engines that weren’t turned off once parked resulting in motorcycles zooming in across wherever it can go. 

Honda Air Blade  tyre

Anti-Lock Braking System or ABS

For a price of PHP 109,000, the Honda Air Blade 150 already got an ABS in its front hydraulic disc brake. The Anti-Lock Braking System works as a safety anti-skid braking system that prevents the wheels from locking up during braking to maintain tractive contact with the road surface. This feature can help in ensuring better handling and of course, safer rides.

Amazed by these features? We are too! With its affordability and apparent riding prowess, the Honda Air Blade 150 really lives by its tag as a  ‘premium scooter’. Get a test ride now at your nearest Honda dealer store and get ready for “The Cutting Edge” riding experience!

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