2020 Honda Air Blade - Buyer’s guide

2020 Honda Air Blade - Buyer’s guide

Last month, Japanese automaker Honda finally launched its all-new 2020 Honda Air Blade in the Philippine market. With its edgy and sporty stance, the Honda Air Blade is set to wow the younger generation of motorists who are looking for an AT bike with reliable driving performance, cool technology specs, and maximum comfort.

The launching of the motorcycle is grand enough being Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman as its local endorsers who both star in the long-running multi-awarded primetime series “Ang Probinsyano”. This gives the impression that this edgy scooter is not just for the “macho men'' but also for the adventurous chics out there. It also marks a bigger milestone for the Japanese manufacturer since it usually has only one endorser for one motorcycle. But, with the presence of two of the country’s biggest stars, it seemed that both of their traditional and digital marketing stints worked out pretty well on intensifying the hype for this premium scooter.

Honda Air Blade front

Is the Fireblade series related to the Air Blade model?

No. The Fireblade series models like the CBR400RR and CBR900RR are both bred for thundering in the race tracks while the Air Blade series is for urban rides and more compatible with the thoroughfares only.

Since its launch in Vietnam last December 2019, Filipino moto sapiens have anticipated the arrival of the Honda Air Blade in the Philippine shore. And now that it was finally launched here in the country, it will be available for purchase starting March 2020.

Excited to know more? Let’s take a look at the Honda Air Blade specs sheet!


Length 1919 mm
Width 679 mm
Height 1062 mm
Wheelbase 1313 mm
Ground Clearance 139 mm
Curb Weight 113 kg

The Honda Air Blade has the same length as its fellow under the same mother brand Honda Click150i but is a little bit shorter than the other premium bike of the automaker Honda PCX150

2020 Honda Air Blade front

Engine, transmission, and performance

Engine Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Cylinder Arrangement Single Cylinder
Displacement 150 cc
Maximum Horsepower 13.0 hp at 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque 13.3 Nm at 5000 rpm
Fuel Supply System Programmed Fuel Injection
Full Tank Capacity 4.4 litres
Starting System Electric (ACG Starter)
Battery Type 12V - 5 Ah MF Wet
Transmission Type V-Belt Automatic
Front/Rear Suspension Telescopic / Twin Shock
Front/Rear Brakes Hydraulic Disc with ABS / Mechanical Leading Trailing

Honda Air Blade 150 is equipped with a 150cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder SOHC four-stroke engine that can fire up to 13.0 horsepower at 8500 rpm and 13.3 Nm torque at 5000 rpm. 

The fifth generation of the Honda Air Blade is also available in 125cc that can put out a maximum power of 11.3 horsepower and 11.68 Nm torque. However, the 150cc trim is the only available one in the local market.

2020 Honda Air Blade

Air Blade’s engine comes with Intelligent Low Friction that reduces friction and vibration during acceleration for smoother rides. Meanwhile, the electronically controlled Alternating Current Generator (ACG) starter helps in starting and restarting the motorcycle more efficiently and works well with the idling stop system of most bikes nowadays.

Apart from the two smart engine tech mentioned above, Honda also took their time to enhance the combustion and engine performance by updating the bike’s combustion chamber for better riding experience. In addition, the PGM-Fi or Programmed Fuel Injection uses the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to level up the fuel injection, engine performance, combustion, overall fuel efficiency, and provide cleaner exhaustion.

When it comes to mileage, the Honda Air Blade 150 can return up to 47 kilometers per liter, if full tank, this premium scooter can cover up to more than 200 kilometers.

Exterior design

2020 Honda Air Blade rear

You can already notice the angst and the sporty stance of this motorcycle by just looking at its front apron. A rectangular LED dual headlamp was placed to provide ample lighting, especially during the night. The difference of Air Blade’s dual headlamps from the Honda Click 150i is that it resembles more of a usual car’s headlamp because of its shape while the latter has a very pointy structure. It also has turn signals above the twin headlamps while the rear end is also packed with an LED tail lamp.

The engine sends power to stylish 14-inch alloy wheels while for the exhaust, it channels a sports bike design language. 

2020 Honda Air Blade tyres

Honda Air Blade color options include Candy Carribean Blue Sea, Candy Rose Red, and Matte Galaxy Black Metallic.

Convenience and technology

The seat height is 773 mm and the saddle can comfortably fit two people. It has a different structure for the footrest but still allows ample space for the driver’s leg and foot.

You can easily fit two helmets in its utility box under the seat with a maximum capacity of 22.7 liters. Aside from the lamp, the utility box also has a USB outlet where you charge not just your mobile phone but also your tablet. 

Air Blade’s tank lid is also not located under the seat so you can conveniently gas up more efficiently.

As for the technology department, the Honda Air Blade is definitely into the game. It features a full digital meter panel, multifunction key shutter, Honda’s smart key system for keyless ignition, as well as integrated buttons for the fuel tank lid and compartment. On top of these tech features, the bike is also equipped with the Idling Stop System that can save you up from unnecessary fuel consumption especially during traffic situations.

2020 Honda Air Blade features

Safety features 

One of the best things about the Air Blade 150 is that it is equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System or ABS. This definitely makes this premium scooter a definite must-have as it distinctly fuses technology and safety at its finest. It was also announced that a model that employs CBS or Combined Braking System might also be launched locally, but for now, all the models that will be available in March will be equipped with ABS alone, and we couldn’t be any happier than that.

Other safety features included in this bike are the engine check warning, pass switch, park brake lock, and side stand switch.


Worried about how much it will cost you? Don’t fret! The Honda Air Blade price marked as PHP 109,000!

With a promise of reliable driving performance, up to date technological features, added safety through ABS, and affordability, you can’t go wrong with Honda Air Blade 150. This is a definite choice for youngsters who like to have “The Cutting Edge” ride for everyday commutes.

Can’t wait for Honda Air Blade’s March roll out? We are too! Get ready to be amazed and have a test drive of this premium scooter once it becomes available next week at your nearest Honda dealer store!

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