Cool Cars For Bachelors Under 1.5 Million Pesos    

  • May 05, 2016

MANILA: Men and cars, always go along. It's an obsession for them, talking about cars, ogling at cars, driving cars, driving crazy for cars, doing anything to do with cars and what not. Cars make them look sexy and cool and their roaring sound gives them a thrill. Young or old, bachelor or married, hipster or bearded, guys dig for cars. The four-wheeled is that one machine, which defines their tribe.

Ask any guy what he loves the most or what would he do if he wins a jackpot? In an instant you will hear, my Dream Car. Some may say to have a beach house or travel the world, but cars would always have a  priority on their list.

Not all the stylish cars in the market lies in the price range of PhP 2-3 million. Look hard enough and you'll likely find your dream car that will give you a feel of a millionaire without having to scoop out too much cash.

Here we have jotted down 5 cool and stylish cars that you guys can think of buying under 1.5 million Pesos.

Chevrolet Cruze


PhP 855,000

With Ryan Agoncillo's endorsing this Chevy, it is clear that this sedan is a young man's drive and that's enough for bachelors to go after the Chevrolet Cruze. With the starting price of PhP 850,000, this sedan is not only stylish but potent enough to give you a thrilling ride. If you are looking for a power-packed vehicle in a compact sedan segment, then the Cruze is the drive to go for. This sedan has a turbo engine and is a power-packed vehicle and its leaner structure further increases its robust performance.

Volkswagen Polo Hatchback


PhP 950,000

With the sporty, compact and snappy design, this is the only stylish German car to make it in this list of cars under 1.5 million pesos.  Priced at PhP 950,000, this hatchback is the slutrier sister of its Polo sedan which has been in the market for few years as a Plain Jane. With a 1.6-litre petrol engine rated at 103 hp of maximum power, this Polo Hatchback is the one, to go for, if you want a German-engineered masterpiece.

Ford Ecosport Titanium

PhP 985,000

Lately, you can find many Ecosports on the Philippines roads and there is a reason for that. It's a best-seller of the brand and its stylish looks are enough to entice every generation, especially the younger crowd. If you are fascinated with rugged looks and always up for an adventure, like going for off-roading every once in awhile, then Ecosport is for you. For ₱985K bucks, this is a great buy for bachelors as it comes with a Powershift 6-speed AT on its 1.5-litre petrol mill. The American Brand nailed it right with its Black-Edition Ecosport and its all-blacked out appearance make it even more apt for young guys .

Ford Focus 2016

Focus 2016

PhP 1.088 Million

The sophisticated and cool styling in both the sedan and hatchback guises make the Focus 2016 stand out amongst its other rivals in the compact segment. The Focus has always been the crowd favorite not only just with its price, but its impressive 2.0-litre engine that pours out immense power and its great handling are prominent features which you should consider when buying yourself a car.

Mazda CX-5


PhP 1.495 Million

This is the perfect SUV for those, who look for a stylish and authoritative drive on different terrains. Mazda CX-5 is perfect for all those who love sturdy and tough SUVs and like to commute back and forth in the city. This compact SUV is a high-powered drive, which is roomy and easy to maneuver. It's on the top of our price list, but the price is very understandable seeing its features.

Honda Civic 2016

New Civic

PhP 1.088 million

We have saved the best for the last. Recently launched in the country, this new Civic without any doubt is going to make a special place in the hearts of every segment, not just bachelors. The particular vehicle is quite above than the one million benchmark, but with its new styling, performance and comfort, the price tag can be ignored. So, if you are in the phase of making a transition from a bachelor to a young man with a nice corporate job, you can think about the new Civic.

So, these are the cars in our list which you can look for if you are in the budget of 1.5 million Pesos.


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