Elon Musk\'s GIGAFACTORY - The Mega Facility In Making

  • Apr 21, 2016

MANILA: It's surprising if you cannot recognize the name Elon Musk. No offence, but it is shameful if you consider yourself an auto freak and still not able to identify his contribution in the field while we can go a bit lenient on the non-auto readers.

Read it & Dare not forget him.....


He is one of the greatest minds of the century and Tesla is his brain's small contribution to the auto world. This genius is unstoppable and works in all direction from space to web world. We can go on and on, as he has contributed so much and aims to change the way we live. If allowed to roam freely, without any political, economical restriction, Elon's mind can do wonders we can't even think about.

What's with the whole GIGAFACTORY stuff?

Gigafactory, the name in itself is so honey-like tempting that it attracts readers to dig in and know it further. Its name carries the world factory, making it clear that some sort of production work will go inside it, but the question is what? Also, the team 'Giga' in itself represents a huge quantity, hinting towards a massive scale of production.

This article is solely dedicated to Musk's new under-construction dream and is destined to contribute big time to the mankind. Let's know it level by level, step by step. Below are mentioned few points that will navigate you to a 'BILLION' factory.

  • Welcome to the second largest factory in the world -

Once completed, the Gigafactory will be ranked second on the volume front. Placing it immediately below Boeing's Everett, Washington plant, the largest factory in the world by volume.

  • Put ninety-five football grounds together & Gigafactory will still measure bigger

Tesla Gigafactory under construction

There's a story that when Elon Musk first visited the plant, he himself was blown away with its huge stretch. He was quoted saying "You see it in person and then realize, F---, this is big." As for the current report, the factory dimension report reads - 5.5 million square feet in area and 71 feet in height.

  • Expansion is the need of the hour & Gigafactory is its live example

When the decision of building Gigafactory was first undertaken, the original factory blueprint was restricted to 1000 acres block. But eventually, Tesla has expanded it by 50 to 100 times of its primary size. The Nevada-based factory as for date stands on 3,000 acres of land.

  • So strong that even Earthquake will have to put in twice as much as strength to shake it

Elon at factory visit at nevada

Musk's dream is so strong that even a full-force earthquake will find it difficult to shake it. Hope, you don't mind mother earth, but Elon's factory will only do good to your already degraded health. It’ll be producing Lithium-ion battery that is used to power pollution-free electric cars.

  • A gigantic workforce will serve in this giga mill

Though the exact employee statistics will be only known after the factory becomes fully functional in 2020. But it is speculated to generate employment to over 6,500 personals. Hiring for which has already started!

  • It inherits the most special human quality - ‘Romance’

diamond shaped tesla gigafactory

No, it's not a joke. The Gigafactory by its very structure shape and direction, speaks out love. This diamond shaped structure is aligned true north, spreading love to the peak. Now, let's get a bit scientific - the diamond shape is selected keeping in mind minimum earth movement and the true north direction will contribute on the GPS and solar panel front.

  • No one produces as much Lithium-ion battery as Tesla

Musk has a dream to achieve 500,000 unit annual electric car output and for that, it requires a large pool of Lithium-ion battery. Once the Gigafactory starts working to its full
capacity, it will be producing more Li-ion battery than produced in total around the world.

  • A factory with no power lines


Yes, the Gigafactory will have no electricity lines running through its walls. Its entire power need will be fulfilled by roof lined solar panels, geothermal and wind energy.

That’s all for now, we’ll get back to you with more information on Gigafactory when more facts about it will be surfaced.


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