Evolution of Honda Civic: Rich with Accolades

  • Mar 23, 2016

MANILA: For more than 40 years, Honda Civic has been ruling the Philippines auto industry along with all the global auto markets. With the transversely mounted engine, the subcompact car splashed down on the auto market shores in 1973 and has been a prominent car among all the Honda fanatics since then. Firstly introduced in July 1972 but sold as 1973 model, the Honda subcompact car has undergone several upgrades based on the success of previous models. Rich with accolades this car was everything which then-current small cars weren't. Since its introduction, the four-speed manual and loud rev Honda Civic has always been a fun to drive.

Here is a brief review of all the models leading up to the current Honda Civic 2016:

First Generation (1972-1979): To outshone all the muscle and bulky cars which were a rage among all the auto fanatics specially Americans, Honda entered the auto arena with its subcompact Honda Civic which initially introduced as a coupe followed by a hatchback and a station wagon. Packed with the 1169 cc transversely mounted engine just like the MINI was proven as a boon in the guise of fuel-efficient car to counter the effects of 1973 oil crisis.

Second Generation Civic

Second Generation (1979-1983): Introduced as a 1980 model, this Japanese subcompact was a preview of the CIVIC which we know today. This was the generation when the four-door CIVIC sedan came into live with the increased engine power: Base 1335 cc and an optional 1488 cc producing 55 hp and 67 hp respectively. Special FE trim boasting an efficient fuel efficiency and a Sport S trim was also introduced which hinted at the future Civic Si models.

Third Generation (1983-1987): Released in 1983 as a 1984 model, the third generation model was a little bigger than the previous generation along with a new body style: two seat coupe style which was dubbed as the Civic CRX. Honda continued to make the series more sportier and finally released Civic Si models with the upgraded suspension and 1.6-litre DOHC ZC engine.

Fourth Generation (1987-1991): Last generation for the Honda CRX, this generation saw a redesigned Civic with some major modifications. Changes included increased dimensions, lower hoodline and the major noticeable change was the addition of the double-wishbone suspensions for the front and rear across the entire range.

5th Generation Civic

Fifth generation (1991-1995): Introduced as the 1992 model, this new Civic was the first all-new generation model for the 1990s. A new four-seater two-door coupe was introduced in this generation with more aerodynamic styling and also the Honda CRX was replaced by the new del Sol model. This generation has also seen a significant evolution with the introduction Honda's variable-valve timing VTEC engines to the Honda Civic.

Seventh Generation Civic

Sixth and Seventh Generation (1995-2000 & 2000-2005): Honda closed the decade by updating the style of the new Civic though these changes weren't as major as the previous ones. This was the first time when Honda had come up with their first Natural gas-powered Civic which changed the game for those fuel-savvy enthusiasts. Honda again set its foothold from the starting of the millennium Y2K with the introduction of McPherson struts replacing the double-wishbone suspension. With the all-new spacious model, Civic took a jump from subcompact to compact car segment. The seventh generation of the millennium year also saw the very first Hybrid version of Civic powered by a 1.3-litre engine.

Eighth Generation (2005-2011): The eighth generation Honda Civic was recognized as the 2006 North American Car of the Year as well as 2006 Motor Trend Car of the Year. During this generation, the Japanese automaker approached a new way for its sedan, coupe and hatchback models by introducing two new platforms giving them altogether a new driving dynamics.

Ninth generation (2011 to Present): Throughout these five years, the Civic continued to push the bar forward to provide the Civic fans with more upgrades in design and performance. Described as energetic, sleek and aerodynamic, the ninth generation models were integrated with Honda's Eco Assist technology to become the first gasoline-only powered Honda to have this technology. As for the 2015 model, Honda has given its buyers a new 2.0 El MUGEN along with other 1.8-litre variants.

10th Generation Civic

Tenth Generation (Upcoming): It seems Honda is continuing its legacy which the brand has started in 1972 with its all-new tenth generation Honda Civic 2016. The all-new Civic has already been launched in the neighboring country, Thailand and might make its presence known anytime in the country. Honda Philippines has revealed the official price and specs of the new Civic to create a much hype among the Civic fans. Powered by the 1.8-litre i-VTEC and 1.5-litre Turbocharger engine, the new-Civic price will be kept at PhP 1.1 million while its Turbocharged RS variant will be priced at PhP 1.3 million.


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