Here’s What Makes Mitsubishi Mirage Perfect For City Driving

Here’s What Makes Mitsubishi Mirage Perfect For City Driving

Living in the city means facing heavy traffic, winding streets, and tight parking spaces. This is where the Mitsubishi Mirage comes into play. It is a car designed for city driving, packed with features that make maneuvering through the urban jungle easier than ever.


  • What makes the Mitsubishi Mirage perfect for city driving?

    The compact size, fuel efficiency, comfortable interior, technology features, and safety features of the Mitsubishi Mirage make it a practical choice for navigating through the city.
  • How much is the Mitsubishi Mirage?

    Pricing for the Mitsubishi Mirage ranges from P711,000 to P772,000.
  • Let’s take a look at the five features of the Mitsubishi Mirage that make it the perfect car for city driving.

    Compact size

    Mitsubishi Mirage

    The compact dimensions of the Mitsubishi Mirage help it glide through congested roads and streets with ease. This also makes the Mitsubishi Mirage easily fit into parking spots that other bigger cars can't reach.

    The Mitsubishi Mirage has a turning radius that is tighter than most other cars in its class, making it easy to navigate around tight corners and fit into tight parking spots. The Mitsubishi Mirage's turning radius is a mere 4.6 meters, which is a game-changer when driving in cramped city streets.

    Fuel-efficient engine

    Mitsubishi Mirage

    With the increasing prices of fuel, having a fuel-efficient car is more important than ever. The fuel-efficient engine of the Mitsubishi Mirage is designed to maximize fuel economy without sacrificing performance. This, along with its lightweight body, allows the Mitsubishi Mirage to consume less fuel, making it a practical option for city driving.

    Delivering an impressive fuel economy of up to 23km/L, the Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its class. That means you can save more money on gas and have more money to spare for other expenses.

    The Mitsubishi Mirage also has an Eco mode feature that helps optimize fuel efficiency by adjusting the engine's performance.

    Comfortable interior

    Mitsubishi Mirage

    City driving can be stressful, but the Mitsubishi Mirage makes it a little more comfortable. With a spacious cabin and adjustable seats, you can sit back and relax while navigating the busy streets. These features make the Mitsubishi Mirage an excellent choice for daily driving.

    Impressive tech features

    2021 Mitsubishi Mirage interior

    The Mitsubishi Mirage also comes equipped with several tech features that make driving in the city more convenient and enjoyable.

    The Mitsubishi Mirage comes with a 6.75-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Mirror Link feature that lets you access your phone's music, messaging, and maps without taking your eyes off the road, making it easier to navigate through the city.

    Award-winning safety features

    Mitsubishi Mirage HB

    Driving in the city can be stressful, especially with heavy traffic and thousands of other vehicles on the road. Fortunately, the Mitsubishi Mirage guarantees safety and protection with its Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body that effectively absorbs and disperses crash energy to protect the cabin and dual SRS airbags that provides the driver and the front passenger with additional protection in the event of a frontal collision.

    In 2014, the Mitsubishi Mirage bagged the ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Award for Adult Occupancy Protection in the Mini Car Category.

    Final thoughts

    The compact size, fuel efficiency, technology features, and safety features of the Mitsubishi Mirage make it a practical choice for navigating through busy streets and cramped parking lots. Whether you are a city dweller or a rural resident who needs a car for occasional city trips, the Mitsubishi Mirage is definitely worth considering.

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