Is it worth spending extra bucks on Ford EcoSport Black Edition?

  • Apr 05, 2016

MANILA: We have already informed you about the arrival of a new EcoSport edition that will go on sale by the name Back Edition and is scheduled to arrive at 2016 MIAS. Like its name, the new edition has few black beautification updates that one may or may not notice, depending on his/her observation skills. But the real question is - Is it really worth spending that extra bit or it would be wiser to spend that extra bit on accessions as add-on to normal Ford EcoSport.

Hmm.... Well, the decision-making process may be quite tricky and take a heavy toll on both your mind and money. Don't worry, here we are trying our best to introspect the situation and provide you the best possible remedy.

First, let's take a note on the pros of buying the new BLACK Edition -

ecosport black edition


  • Now, buying a special edition is an exciting thing in itself. It's like an internal satisfaction of possessing something different from the rest.

  • You get an edge over other buyers who pick older versions instead of new ones. Kind off a head turner scenario for you.

  • Not much pain to one's pocket. Especially not in this case.

  • You get to pick a tried and tested car along with a twist.

That's all we can say on the pro part, hinting that if someone is really into looks and likes to remain updated, the EcoSport Black Edition will surely serve them well.

Now, it's time for some points revealing the negative side of buying a Special Edition tagged car-

ecosport side image

  • Near to zero updates that sometimes even can go unnoticeable by many.

  • The pain of giving extra amount for a car that you can even get at a lower price, only missing on some exterior modifications.

  • No interior additions, no performance enhancements, no added safety feature. Thus a complete no, no.

  • You reduce the probability of decorating your car with added accessories. As after spending heavily on a special edition tagged car, leaves you in a dilemma whether to go or not for those tempting items.

All in all, if you are not that much into looks and all you are interested in buying a car with good market standing and tested over the course of time, then dude, Special Editions are not your cup of tea.

Please Note -

If you are planning to buy Ford EcoSport Titanium trim and the arrival of new EcoSport Black Edition confused you then below written lines will surely help you in making a decision.


So, here's our take, only go for Ford EcoSport Black Edition if a car's exterior design really appeals you. On the other hand, if you are a family man, not very much into looks, wanting a reliable partner for your daily commute then the existing EcoSport will be your perfect pick.


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