Striking car aspects which are Preferred by Current-Gen

  • Apr 20, 2016

MANILA: What all strikes you when you think about finalizing your car purchase? Well, gone are the times when the comfort and mileage were the only aspects to consider while purchasing a car. Now, the customers dig deep details and want to know every single detail before taking one more step towards their purchase process. The present generation is pretty conscious about the style statement, technology savvy and checks out all the aspects which can affect their drives in comfort and convenience segments. The advancement in technology has led the automakers to design and develop something new for their customers which can actually meet their expectations. With so much competition in the auto market, which drive is preferred over others is a big question.

Here at CarBay, we have tried to decode this trend to find out what features are preferred by the 'Today's Gen Customers' and why -

Turbo/Supercharged Power-Unit

Turbocharged Engine

This is one of those aspects which is making petrolheads crazy like anything. Leave aside the standard engines, the turbo is the new power language. Anyone with basic knowledge of engine would prefer a supercharged or turbo engine for obvious reasons. A turbo/supercharged unit can knock out better power and torque enhancing the performance of the drive. With elevated power in comparison to a similar capacity naturally-aspirated engine, the turbo unit has comparatively less or similar power consumption. This engine is absolutely common in crossovers and SUVs these days. After all, who would not want to drive with a power-packed engine!

Stylish/Sporty Structure

McLaren Supercar

Stylish structure while deciding a car was never out of fashion but these days the customers are preferring a car which can describe their style statement. Keeping this in mind, the automakers are now working out more on the styling aspect of exterior and interior both. The sporty element is very much in trend and so if it's not a proper sports car, brands offer striking and bold design to the regular hatch or sedan to appeal the target customers. With this, carbon fiber structure is also making headlines. This said structure is light in weight but multiplies the strength and eventually enhances the safety of the occupants. The light-weight encourages the performance also and so many automakers are using this technology in their upcoming fleet.

Great Connectivity


Earlier customers were more bothered about the seating comfort and boot space. Now, people look out for great connectivity so that their drives are nothing but entertaining. With connectivity, we don't mean to say it's just about entertainment, it's definitely much more than that. The advanced infotainment system packed in current gen cars now includes iPhone/iPod connectivity, AUX, USB, touch screen, navigation system and what not. While these features are kept as standard, some automakers plot their customized technologies with their fleet, like – Ford SYNC & MyFord Touch by Ford and Chevrolet MyLink by Chevy for added advantage and entertainment.

Special Editions

Special Edition Brio Amaze

Yes, special editions are highly trending in the automotive market. The prospective customers do wait for these special/limited editions for more than one reasons. These distinctive variants of standard cars have added features to add more comfort during the drives. Also, most of the times, manufacturers tweak the styling factor making these drives more appealing and stylish than the standard versions. With all this, the 'Special/Limited Edition' label on the drive adds an impression on the onlookers. So, spending few more bucks for that show-off is completely justified and preferred. Afterall, it's all about driving with pride!

Autonomous Drives

Ford Autonomous Drive

Though this technology is still under trial and research but this is the most talked about topic in the auto world these days. Autonomous drives are those cars which can be driven without actually holding the steering by the driver. The advanced technology works on numerous sensors which can detect the path as guided by the occupants while sensing all the traffic and obstruction during the route. With this, the impeccable safety offered with these autonomous drives are also in the headlines. If we spill out the trends, the prospective customers can't wait to drives these future cars!

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