What’s Hot & What’s Not in Honda Brio Amaze?

  • May 30, 2016

Are you an admirer of compact sedans? Do you like something extra on swift hatches? Who won’t like those hatches with some extra space? Of course we do. Something extra is always desirable. Compact sedans are the perfect example of something extra and one such car is the Honda Brio Amaze. This Japanese sedan has served the purpose of Filipinos from quite some time now and has looked strong against the likes of resilient competitors like Suzuki Swift DZire and Mitsubishi Mirage G4. Attracting an array of new customers through the course of time, the Brio Amaze has contributed significantly to the brand’s overall sales. But what exactly it has on offer for us and what are its hot points that make it stand apart from the league of compact sedans in the Philippines, let’s find out in the following section.

amaze rear

What’s Hot?


With the length and width of 3990 mm and 1680 mm respectively, the Brio Amaze offers incredible practicality within city boundaries and beyond. It serves as a perfect option in city driving conditions where you need to carve your way through crowded streets while on high speed roads it is good enough to offer stable and smooth ride to the passengers. It is not too big and it is not too short, it holds just the ideal dimensions, which are required to swiftly move a vehicle through traffic.

Refined Engine

Powered by a 1.3-litre SOHC i-VTEC engine, the Brio Amaze is highly responsible and reliable. Capable of swift maneuvering, it hosts an engine that can churn out a max power of 100 PS, which another factor that keeps attracting new customers in the Honda camp.

Cargo space

It offers 400 litres of cargo space, which is good enough to fit in your luggage bags while you travel to outstation trips with your family or countryside weekend outings. With this 400 litres boot space, Honda has ensured that you travel hassle-free without worrying much about your luggage and baggages.

Comfortable seating

The brand hasn’t compromised on the quality of seating allowing the passengers to enjoy their journeys stress-free on the seats that offer sofa-like feel. Adequate cushioning and premium material allow the seats to provide unmatched comfort to the occupants.

amaze interior

What’s Not?


Being a Honda, we can expect it to be a little high-priced but considering the competition its price tag seems to be unjustified. With its arch rivals, Suzuki Swift DZire and Mitsubishi Mirage G4 available at starting price tags of PhP 568,000 and PhP 563,000 respectively, the Brio Amaze carries a tag of PhP 629,000 for its base variant.

Basic cabin styling

The cabin doesn’t looks fascinating rather a dull and boring feel is imparted through the same. The exciting element seems to be missing inside the car. It definitely won’t be picked by a youngster or a person aged below 30 years due to its basic styling.

Scarce equipment

The features integrated inside the car are also on a lower side. Carrying a higher price tag than its competitors, it is expected to be loaded with features but it is not the case with Brio Amaze. The features list isn’t impressive enough to call for the day rather a compromising factor is there limiting the consumers.

Cabin noise is prominent

The cabin isn’t quite enough and you can actually hear the outside noise, which certainly degrades the user experience. As a passenger you don’t want noise to come in and want a pleasurous experience throughout your journey, which this sedan doesn’t offer.


If you are a member of the gang occupying the rear seat then you won’t find enough legroom to spread your legs freely. A tall gang member would definitely feel uneasy sitting on those rear seats where Honda Brio Amaze doesn’t offer.


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