SUV Guide: Things to Consider When Buying an SUV         

  • Apr 26, 2016

MANILA: If you are the one who is always up for an adventure and need a lot of space, then there is no better option than an SUV. Sports Utility Vehicles are getting more and more popular over the time and obviously with good reasons. You can't find any such vehicle with the amount of versatility and practicality that SUV has to offer.

All in all, SUV combines the hauling capacity of a pickup, roominess of a minivan and a luxuryness of any sedan. While owning an SUV seems to be a new trend, don't just go for any SUV. If you are going for an SUV, there are few things you need to know for having a better idea of what each model has to offer.

Size of the SUV

The market is flooded with SUVs with different sizes and segments. They are typically categorized into three size groups: Full-size, mid-size and compact. SUVs in each segment are similar except for their size, number of people they can accommodate and their towing abilities. However, compact SUV is less expensive than the other two, so take the final call after analyzing your requirements.

Car-based or truck-based?

We have witnessed a lot of crossovers in recent years and many more crossovers are yet to embark the shores of the country. Crossover is a car with capabilities of an SUV and features of a hatch in terms of its interior, gas mileage and handling. But, if you are after better off-roading capabilities, opt for truck-based SUVs as they are sturdier, heavier and have better mobility when off-road.


If you don't want to spend more bucks and still want off-roading capability as well as a wider stance of an SUV, compact SUVs are the best option for you as they start at less than PhP 936k. On the other hand, base price of a mid-size or a full-size SUV may vary widely with the base price starting with around  PhP 1170k up to PhP 2341k.

Save at the Pump

Another thing to consider is how much you are likely to spend at the fuel station. Fuel Economy is the major thing to consider, especially if you commute back and forth to your workplace or if you go on a long adventurous trips. Compact SUVs are equipped with usually four or six-cylinder engine and full-size as well as mid-size SUVs can be found with V-8 engines. So, it is not unlikely that a compact SUV can't get around 8.1 kmpl while the full-size may get to the 5.1 kmpl to 8.5 kmpl. So, you can choose as per your commuting habits.

Interior space and storage capacity

Interior Space of SUV

Generally, the people who opt SUVs are the ones who want generous interior and storage space so that they can enjoy their long journeys. Most SUVs can accommodate five or more passengers and most can be adjusted to either accommodate more passengers or to store more cargo. Full-size and mid-size SUVs also have an option of a third-row seat.

There you have it, the most important things to consider before you set your mind on a particular SUV. Go through these things and you will surely get the best deal.

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