Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Fortuner – Which SUV is worth your money?

  • Mar 29, 2016

MANILA: Are you in the market to buy a SUV in the next few months? If yes, your bucket list will surely have either of the two iconic products from Toyota, the new Toyota Fortuner 2016 and the Toyota RAV4. While both these SUVs have plenty of head-on competitors in their respective segments, they often confuse perspective customers due to their own proximate segment placement. While the RAV4 is the segment leader in the compact SUV market, the Fortuner has been leading its segment ever since its launch. As a result, customers are aware of the fact that the RAV4 and Fortuner are extremely potent vehicles, which can thus create confusion in the buying decision. Since the RAV4 retails at a price lower than its elder brother, it can be termed as exceptional value for money. But though the Fortuner is costly as compared to the RAV4, the price difference can be termed acceptable, keeping in mind the fact that you get a lot more in the Fortuner's package.

Sounds confusing? Well, lets help you out by listing the points of competition of both these Toyota SUVs, in order to let you decide which is the perfect buy for your needs.


First things first, if you are looking for a diesel SUV, Fortuner is your option, as the RAV4 does not get a diesel mill under its hood. The only engine option available with the new Toyota RAV4 is a 2.5-litre petrol engine, rated at 178 hp and 223 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the Toyota Fortuner 2016 gets a 2.7-litre mill that churns 163 hp of power and a peak torque of 245 Nm. And keeping in mind the fact that Fortuner is heavier than the RAV4, the latter becomes a much better product to buy.

Space and Presence

If space and road presence are two words in your list, Fortuner is the car to go. Dimensionally, the Fortuner 2016 is much larger than the RAV4, thus enhancing cabin space as well as road presence. Moreover, the new Fortuner ticks a lot of right boxes in terms of design, while few angles of the RAV4 are still debate-able due to their presence. If you are someone who will likely often carry more than 5-people in the car, don't look at the RAV4.

rav4 vs fortuner 2016 interior pics

Luxurious Cabin ambiance

If you want your Ride's cabin to embrace you in luxury, the RAV4's relatively plain interior layout wont be able to entice you. On the other hand, the Fortuner has been sufficiently loaded with bells and whistles, that can lure customers into the lap of luxury. Leather inserts, advanced infotainment screen, and ample equipment make the Fortuner a heavily loaded package.

Hence, if you are confused between the RAV4 and Fortuner, make yourself a list of essentials that you want your next vehicle to have. In addition to this, check out our list to decide which of these Toyota SUVs suits best to your requirement.

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Fortuner vs RAV 4 Compare

Toyota Fortuner
₱1.59 - ₱2.24 Million
  • Engine
  • Power
  • Seating
Toyota RAV 4
₱1.45 - ₱2.17 Million
  • Engine
  • Power
  • Seating
Fortuner vs RAV 4

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