They wear same skin, just have different overcoats: Same Cars, Different Brand, Uncovering the Mystery

  • Oct 14, 2015

Shakespeare said -

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.

For sure, when writing this noble thought, Shakespeare would not have imagined the seriousness with which it would be treated in the auto industry. And it looks that the auto people have remembered the Nobel Laurette's words by heart and do not wish to forget the same anytime soon.

There is a lot of stuff that goes behind the walls of big car companies, of which many are unaware. Though, these companies are not shy about the same but are motto is to keep you inform. For the fact, auto world is full of identical or near- identical cars that are sold under different brand names. Yes, that true, and there is a big possibility that the car you are driving is sold across the border by a different company with a different name. If you are thinking about the price, well yes it may differ and that too with a noticeable margin, depending on the badge the car comes wearing.

The art of Faking -

In a decent world, it is called 'badged engineering'. The practice is not new and is widely followed by a number of automakers, allowing them to share models and by sharing we literally mean sharing (copying, you can say). The advantage, the companies save big amounts as they get to skip an entire process involving, research, prototype building and setting up of a production unit.
The best part about 'badged engineering', both companies can use same factory, same works to produce two siblings that'll later go to two different mothers.

Platform Sharing -

It's an altogether different thing and is restricted to basic skeleton sharing. Unlike the badge engineering that is aimed at killing two birds with a single stone – under which companies get to expand their model line-up while avoiding the cost for same. Automakers get to create an 'all-new' illusion by simply changing minor specifications like the grille, headlight placement, and other cosmetic details.

Down under are mentioned such cars that are present in Philippines market and also have a twin sibling somewhere around the globe.

Suzuki Ertiga & Mazda VX1


Suzuki Ertiga is a successful car, it has been very popular in every country that it has gone to. And this can be one of the reasons why Suzuki and Mazda have recently undergone an alliance, wherein Suzuki Ertiga will be re-engineered as Mazda VX1. Here in the Philippines, we have Ertiga and in many parts of the world including Indonesia it is sold as Mazda VX1.
Both the cars are completely same, with some minor differences like grille design, fog lamp shape and the obvious logo design on steering wheel and grille.

Isuzu Crosswind & Chevrolet Tavera


Both are seven seaters MPV's of which only Isuzu Crosswind is available in the Philippines. The cars are more or less same with some minor differences in dimensions and wheelbase. Both the cars are powered by an Isuzu manufactured engine, a 2.5L turbocharged that surprisingly produces different power and torque outputs. Isuzu Crosswind generates 85 PS and 185 Nm, where else Chevrolet churns out 79 PS and 186 Nm. On the outer front, grill design and antenna style are the only known difference.
Note- Variants taken into consideration are Isuzu Crosswind Sportivo and Chevrolet Tavera Neo 3.

Toyota Grand New Avanza and Daihatsu Great New Xenia


These two newbies were recently showcased at the 2015 GIIAS and 2015 IIMS auto shows that took place in Indonesia. Of the two, Daihatsu is an unknown brand for Filipinos, as the brand is yet to enter the Philippine market. But the two share a common looking car that goes by the name Avanza and Xenia under Toyota and Daihatsu restrictively. Both looks identical and comes with similar exterior and interior front, as for the difference there is minor grille design change and an additional 1.5L engine that comes stapled with Toyota Grand New Avanza.


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