Thrilling Car Stunts in Movies that Stunned Everyone

  • Apr 13, 2016

MANILA: Those were the days when cars made their appearances in movies to flaunt the lavish lifestyle of the rich or in simple words were just the symbol of class and supremeness. But, as they say, “time changes” and yes it changed pretty quickly, that too for the good. The movies are being made around cars and not just classy cars but featuring extreme road beauties flying around the blocks. Yes, we are talking about the cars drifting off the surfaces to the cars flying from one mountain peak to another. It sounds terrific, isn’t it? The filmmakers are trying every trick off their sleeves to make a stunt scene look realistic in order to gain praise, awards and spectator love at the end of the day. No doubt they are doing it perfectly. Infact, after a release we as spectators believe that this is it and nothing more can be added from the outset, but then comes another thrilling car movie showing extravagant scenes, unlike scenarios and performances by skilled and trained professionals that take everyone by storm. Following are the top five car stunts from movies that’ll certainly make your jaw drop.

Tomorrow Never Dies

The chase scene from the movie, Tomorrow Never Dies is one of the iconic scenes from the Bonda series, where Pierce Brosnan, actor playing James Bond in the movie teases the characters chasing him. The scene is shot inside a car park where the villains tend to catch Brosnan in a twisting sequence. The scene goes to another level with the actor piloting his car from the rear seat via remote control. The eye-popping scene of the sequence is the end when the actor lets his car jumps off the top of the building.

Fast Five

Another spectacular scene that’ll blow your head is from the Fast and Furious series’ fifth edition, Fast Five where the actors, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker tow a massive safe and slide it through the roads of Rio. The scene is certainly an epic as it wrecked nearly 200 cars on the way with the vault. The inevitable composition of the scene is done perfectly by the director making it as first of this kind.

Casino Royale

This is another impressive sequence from the Daniel Craig’s era that continued the legacy of amazing the audience with spectacular stunts and spins. Driving the trademark Aston Martin, the actor swirls on wet roads to avoid her girl at the last minute as the car lifts off the ground. It spins seven times at a speed of 70 mph, which makes it a world record. However, the intended spin was only meant to be one but it turned out to be a superb one in the end.

Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise starrer, Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol had an amazing car sequence shot in Dubai. He cruises in his BMW car in the midst of a sandstorm, which makes the scene unbelievable. The scene was loved and praised by the critics as well as the fans not due to because of Tom Cruise but due to the real touch it imparts.

Live Free Or Die Hard

The movie didn’t managed to attract a lot of fan following but managed to incorporate a memorable action scene, which has cemented inside the hearts of this movie watchers. The scene saw the actor, Bruce Willis drive a car into the helicopter. Yes, it really happened. That was pretty awesome as it wasn't a CGI moment and the makers managed to launch the car inside the static helicopter.

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