Top 10 Best Selling Cars in 2015 – Find the Ones Who Made it to the Top

  • Jun 21, 2016

MANILA: Cars have become the next important thing after the three basic necessities of life – cloth, food & shelter. Each and every person, irrespective of his/her social status and bank statement now has a car standing in his driveway and if not then he or she is surely saving to buy one in near future. Children these days have created added pressure on their parents for a car, as they don’t want to be seen riding on a two-wheeler with their parents, plus after reaching a specific age they argue for a car of their own.

Now, coming onto the car front, it has now become a monthly affair when we see auto companies launching new cars, with each one better than the previous, prepared under the prospect of serving buyers to fullest. Usually, the cars that are able to mould themselves completely keeping in mind the fast changing customer taste and preference are the ones that make it to the list of ‘Best Selling Cars’.

The compilation of the best-selling cars in the world in not a one day process and requires months of rigorous hard work and intensive data collection. This rightly explains why we are bringing you the list of best-selling cars 2015 at this moment. If you may ask, what is the need for creating such a list that talks about past record then you may be surprised to know that this tabulation of top 10 best selling cars serves the following purposes –

1. It gives a better picture to the prospective customers as to which car is performing well.

2. Auto junkies read the list to satisfy their info hunger.

3. Auto brands featuring in the said list can use the bestowed recognition as a good selling point.

4. Lastly, the brands not featuring in the best selling cars 2015 file can create soldiers that in future can fight with mentioned top 10 best selling cars.

Here is the much talked about and one of the most awaited list of best-selling cars of the year 2015 –

1. Toyota Corolla


At the number one spot is present a sedan from the house of Toyota, ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Corolla. The car has not only won many hearts in Asean countries but has done equally well in western countries. In addition, this no.1 position grabber has displayed applauding performance in 2014 as well, where Toyota sold as many as 1,278,909 units of the same.

Figurative display of no.1 best selling car:

Total units sold in 2015 – 1.3 million (first time ever in auto history)

2. Volkswagen Golf


Seems like the much talked about ‘diesel gate scandal’ has not stopped Volkswagen from featuring one of its compact worrier in the list of best-selling cars in 2015. The one we are talking about is the famous and known hatch that buyers are picking up and showing immense trust, the VW Golf. As compared to the previous year Golf, sales have gone up by 1.2 per cent and that shows that even while witnessing gloomy times, VW outscaled many known brands.

Figurative display of No.2 best-selling car:

Total units sold - 1,041,279 units

3. Ford F-Series

2015-F-150-front-view1 (1)

The next car to feature on the list of best-selling cars in the world forum is neither a sedan nor a hatch; instead, it is pick-up and that too with a Ford badge. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about Ford F-Series, the same car that has topped the U.S sales chart for 40 years.

Figurative display of No.3 car featuring in the list of Top 10 best selling cars:

Total units sold in 2015 – 920,172 units

4. Ford Focus

2015-focus front

Now, here’s a car that didn’t perform well as compared to its previous year performance. The car we are talking about is none other than Ford Focus that entered next-generation in 2015. In 2014, Focus recorded sales of 1,025,467 units and in 2015 this figure dropped by 19.4 per cent.

Figurative display of No.4 best-selling car:

Total units sold in 2015 – 826,221units

5. Toyota Camry


It’s a sedan with Toyota badging that featured on number five position in the list of best-selling cars in 2015. Think no more it's none other than Toyota Camry, the same car that has been dominating the mid-size car segment since 2003.

Figurative display of No.5 best-selling cars in the world:

Total units sold in 2015 – 754,154 units

6. Hyundai Elantra


Finally, the best selling car from the house of Hyundai, we are talking about the popular compact sedan, Elantra. But there is a slight fall in Elantra’s 2015 sales compared to the number of units sold in 2014. There is a substantial fall of 9.1% in its sales, which the company’s hope to cover through the recently launched 2016 Elantra.

Figurative display of No.6 top seller:

Total number of units sold in 2015 – 746,924 units

7. Volkswagen Polo


Now here’s a car that unlike some above-mentioned cars has advanced few steps in the list of best-selling cars in the world. It is the second entry from the German automaker VW, the Polo. Over the period of one year, the car has shown sales growth of 2.2% and that surely calls for a celebration in the VW house.

Figurative display of No.7 best selling car:

Total number of units sold in 2015 – 698, 182 units

8. Honda CR-V

-CR-V-2015-side profile

It’s the first one from the house of Honda to feature in the list of top 10 best selling cars and it may surprise you that this one is neither one amongst Civic or Accord. Instead, it’s Honda’s very first crossover, the CR-V, speaking out loud about this new segments popularity over others.

Figurative display of No.8 best selling car:

Total number of units sold in 2015 – 696, 594 units

9. Chevrolet Silverado


Chevrolet Silverado is a tough competitor of Ford F-Series, but in so many years it has never been able to surpass its high sales figure and popularity. But if seen personally the pick-up has seen substantial growth of 12.9 percent over 2014.

Figurative display of No.9 best selling car in 2015:

Total number of units sold in 2015 – 669,683 units

10. Toyota RAV4


The last one to feature in the list of best-selling car is again from Toyota, summing the brand total to three in the list of top 10 best selling cars in the world. Like the above-mentioned Silverado, this one too showed a sales growth but the figure is limited to 5.5 percent over 2014 sales figure. What’s even better is that now there is a revamped RAV4 in the Philippines auto market.

Figurative display of No.10 best selling car in 2015:

Total number of units sold in 2015 – 664,282 units

These are the ones that made it to the top in 2015, now only time will reveal which among them will continue to feature on this list and which ones will get pushed by fresh entries.


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