What are the cars in Mitsubishi’s future?

What are the cars in Mitsubishi’s future?

When you look closely at Mitsubishi’s lineup, you’ll notice that a portion of its models are somewhat aging. Part of its portfolio is a 10-year-old mini subcompact, as well as a pickup, an SUV, and MPV whose designs date back to half a decade ago. And a serious electrified vehicle portfolio has yet to inevitably answer the call for greener transport.


  • What are the planned models in Mitsubishi Challenge 2025?

    By 2025, Mitsubishi eyes to launch the next-generation Mirage, Montero Sport, and even a hybrid MPV.
  • What are the possible qualities of the next Mitsubishi Mirage?

    It’s highly likely that the next Mitsubishi Mirage, like the old car, will still save its buyers big on acquisition and fuel costs.
  • That’s all about to change in Mitsubishi’s Challenge 2025, or the goals the carmaker wants to achieve two years from now. Aside from electrification, among the brand’s agenda is to roll out vehicles that encapsulate “Mitsubishi-ness.” Sure, the cheekiness of the word made us smirk — considering how Mitsubishi shoehorned it into the press literature for Challenge 2025 — but the carmaker’s determination in its plans was still evident.

    The company stated: “In terms of products, Mitsubishi Motors will continue to work on electrification as a solution to the global-level issue of climate change and to help achieve carbon neutrality.” Mitsubishi plans to create “new future sources of revenue” and “build long-term relationships of trust with customers through products and technology encapsulating Mitsubishi Motors-ness,” while promoting its brand value.

    So, what are these mean, green Mitsubishi motors could we be driving come 2025? Let’s take a closer look at what's in the pipeline for Mitsubishi Challenge 2025.

    Next-Generation Mitsubishi Mirage to come as Colt?

    Let’s start with the smallest motor in Mitsubishi’s stable. When they were first introduced in 2013, the Mirage hatchback and Mirage G4 sedan twins were considered game-changers, prized for their superb fuel efficiency and easy-driving nature. The Mirage still holds these qualities, but its aging design (despite facelifts) and feel are quite apparent today.

    Mitusbishi Challenge 2025

    It’s highly likely that the next Mitsubishi Mirage, like the old car, will still save its buyers big on acquisition and fuel costs. The latest model could also resurrect the Colt nameplate, which the brand has used for decades past like the Mirage. But what could be totally new with the next-gen Mirage is its bearing of the brand’s styling elements, such as an angular ‘Dynamic Shield’ grille and boomerang LED lights.

    The Mirage could also stand on underpinnings from Mitsu’s partner company from France, Renault. And that’s all for now, we’re afraid. More details to come when Mitsubishi takes the Mirage’s covers off in late 2023 or 2024.

    Mitsubishi to make an MPV?

    Mitsubishi’s gonna be late if it does decide on entering the midsize MPV market, but that just gives the carmaker plenty of time in perfecting its MPV mettle. If Mitsubishi will make an expanded version of the, er, Xpander, it already has a stylish family vehicle that’s smooth to drive and ride from which to draw inspiration.

    Mitsubishi Motors Roadmap (2)

    Clues that Mitsubishi could be cooking up an Innova rival: In one photo, a vehicle under the cloth is labeled “MPV.” The said vehicle is intended for the “growth drivers and leverage regions” of Mitsubishi’s market. Since the Philippines is one of the brand’s key markets — and one where midsize MPVs are loved — you'll see why Mitsubishi would want to cash in on that segment.

    Being an MPV, this mystery Mitsubishi is likely to come with three rows of seating. What leaves room for speculation, though, is the addition of hybrid power, considering the possible direct rival already moves with the mix of gas and electricity. Full reveal is slated for 2027, and with the rival already this advanced, Mitsubishi should be better than being un-fashionably late.

    All-new Mitsubishi Montero Sport out in 2025?

    See that cloth-covered vehicle labeled “pickup?” That’s the next-generation Strada, out in 2024. The model parked next to it is named “PPV” (Pickup Platform Vehicle) because, well, it is what it is — the 2025 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. As expected, the pickup and SUV will share a technical blueprint that’s designed to handle rough roads and support advanced technologies.

    Mitsubishi Motors Roadmap (4)

    But it goes without saying the 2025 Montero Sport will trade the pickup bed for an extra row of seats. It’ll make the SUV likely to remain as one of the top choices for families who need the extra passenger accommodations, along with the assurance of a lofty ride height and four-wheel drive capability. Oh, and the latest SUV should still be powered by an economical and brawny diesel engine.

    Mitsubishi Electrified Vehicles

    Plenty of juicy information to be gained from Mitsubishi Challenge 2025.

    Mitsubishi Motors Roadmap (3)

    From 2023 onwards, the Mitsubishi Minicab-MiEV is slated to make its ASEAN region tour. In 2024, a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) “based on the Xpander series” and a “two-row” SUV is in the offing. The year 2025 will likely see fully-electric Mitsubishi models based on Nissan and Renault vehicles. Lastly, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (plug-in electric vehicle) could electrify the mobility needs of North America, Oceania, and Europe beginning this 2023.

    The Mitsubishi Challenge 2025 can’t materialize soon enough.

    Photos from Mitsubishi

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