2019 Subaru BRZ: Features explained

2019 Subaru BRZ: Features explained

Subaru has got a good product line-up for the Philippines and all of its cars are pretty impressive. Most of us know Subaru from the WRC and are aware of what it is capable of doing. One such example is the latest Subaru BRZ.

Subaru BRZ Front White

It’s a sports car that can make you fall in love with it in a matter of seconds. Explaining each and everything about it in such a short story wouldn’t serve justice to the car. So, we’re going to share with you some of the key features of the BRZ.

On the outside

If you notice closely, most of the Subaru vehicles feature a similar headlamp design. The Legacy, Outback, Forester, WRX, WRX STI, Levorg, they all carry a very similar headlight setup. And if Subaru had used the same strategy in the BRZ, we would have been very disappointed. Gladly, the Subaru BRZ comes with its own unique headlight design which sets it apart from the rest of the pack. And that’s how things should be, it’s a sports car for God’s sake!

Subaru BRZ Front Angular

We love the aerodynamic design of the BRZ. It comes with a very low slung stance. It looks fantastic from each and every angle. At the front, it has one of the meanest-looking LED headlamps we’ve ever seen. The LED daytime running lights make them even more aggressive.

Combine that with the sporty front bumper with air ducts to cut through the air and you’ve got yourself not just a fast going car but also a fast-looking car. Step to the side and you’d fall in love with this car even more. There’s something really enchanting about two-door cars. They are like magnets and attract you instantly. The BRZ is one of them. It looks utterly gorgeous from the side as well. Check out its 17-inch alloy wheels.

Subaru BRZ Front Angular

Then we’ve got the sloping roofline to give a nice shape to the car. The rear gets a pair of LED tail lights which will definitely remind of BRZ’s name. But the best feature on this end of the car has to be the exhaust pipes. Two of them peeking out from under the rear diffuser look extremely sporty and we bet they sound pretty fascinating as well.

On the inside

Subaru has done a brilliant job in matching the interior of the BRZ with the car’s character. Sitting in the driver’s seat will wake up the lost enthusiast in you. It’s that good. Everything here is spot on. The steering wheel feels sporty and comes with mounted controls for audio and cruise control, etc.

Behind it is a set of paddle shifters for providing you that race-car like feeling and save those extra seconds while shifting between gears. The red hue in the form of stitching all around the black cabin is again a sporty thing to have. Another nice touch is the aluminium pedals. They look super cool.

Subaru BRZ Cabin

The BRZ is also quite comfortable. The seats hug you nicely and there’s a dual-zone automatic climate control system. However, you don’t really have a lot of space at the rear. Those seats are there just to keep some luggage or perhaps, kids would fit in. There is an audio system for your music needs and USB along with AUX-in port to connect your devices.

Under the hood

Subaru BRZ Engine

This is where things get really serious. Subaru didn’t compromise a bit when it came to the performance of this car. The Subaru BRZ specs tell us that it is powered by a 2.0-litre horizontally opposed four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine with direct and port fuel injection. It produces a whopping 200 PS of power at 7,000 rpm and a peak torque of 205 Nm from 6,400 to 6,600 rpm. All the power is sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission. We mentioned the rear wheels here because this is the only Subaru in the Philippines that is rear-wheel drive.

Safety equipment

Subaru BRZ Airbags

Handling 200 PS is no child’s play. That’s why the BRZ comes with a host of safety features like four-channel ABS, brake assist, brake override, engine immobiliser, limited slip differential, vehicle stability control with track mode, safety pedal system, and side-front- curtain-knee SRS airbags, etc.

We are super impressed with Subaru’s BRZ and we can go on and on about it all day. But we believe these were some of the key features of the car that should be sufficient to give you a glimpse of what this package is all about. The Subaru BRZ price is Php 2.06 million.

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