Honda XRM 125: Pros & Cons

Honda XRM 125: Pros & Cons

The original Honda XRM was launched in the country in 2001. Back then it used to have a 110cc engine. Honda later realized the potential of the growing market of underbone-style motorcycles, and in 2007 launched an updated model with a 125cc engine, and named it the XRM 125. This bike soon gained popularity among the underbone-motorcycle community and groups. And it has been selling in good numbers ever since. The XRM 125 plays a vital role in the daily lives of a lot of people in the Philippines. Here is why.


1) Lightweight

All-new Honda XRM 125

The Honda XRM 125 weighs only 99 kg (dry weight) which is an advantage for the audience it is targeted to. The less weight allows riders to easily handle the bike in city traffic while daily commuting, and in tackling the uneven roads without a fuss.

2) Engine

The latest updated engine of the XRM 125 is Euro 3 compliant. It is a 125cc single cylinder air-cooled engine. It weighs very less. It has got 9.4 PS of max power, and 10.4 Nm of peak torque. These numbers are more than sufficient to make such a lightweight machine do wonders. The rotary gear shift pattern mechanism keeps that task of handling the motorcycle in the city less troublesome. The engine is also very fuel efficient.

3) Dual Purpose Nature

It is quite clear that the Honda XRM 125 is not a proper off-road machine. But Honda did make sure that its young customers do not miss the fun. You can take this little machine off the road and into the gravel. Its peppy engine will keep your adrenaline high and would put a smile on your face. It will neither set the fastest lap of an off-road track, nor give you the greatest of jumps, but it will certainly let you have some fun in unpaved conditions.

4) Looks

Honda XRM Side

To keep the dual purpose nature of the XRM 125 alive, Honda has provided sporty CRF-designed headlight, a distinctive CRF-designed front fender, and CRF-inspired side panels. All these motivate you to take the XRM 125 off the tarmac and into the untraveled path. The tail light cluster of the XRM 125 is quite sporty. And so is the all-black engine cover. The overall appearance of this underbone-motorcycle is to lure in more young customers.

5) Brakes

XRM Brakes

Honda is aware of the importance of good brakes on a machine. Hence, it has provided the XRM 125 with disc brakes both at the front and rear. This will certainly enhance the braking performance of the bike and give more confidence to the rider. To add a pinch of style, the calipers are painted in red.

6) Comfort

We already mentioned that the lightweight of the XRM 125 is an added advantage for the riders. The other thing that has been kept on priority while designing the XRM 125 is the comfort. The bike comes with a very comfortable seat cushion. This makes riding the bike in city traffic, streets, and on uneven roads, a very convenient affair. Also, the single piece handlebar and the upright riding position add to the comfort.

7) Parts and Accessories

XRM Parts & Accessories

Since the underbone-motorcycle community has grown over the years, there is a whole lot of aftermarket motorcycle accessories available for purchase for the XRM 125. Many parts are readily available, allowing customers to do some modifications to their bikes.

With its large and growing popularity, the Honda XRM 125 is a go-to choice for many young customers. However, like it is said, everything has its pros and cons. We mentioned the pros of the XRM 125, now it is time for the cons.


1) Storage

New Honda XRM

The storage compartment under the seat in the XRM 125 is not that great. It would take in a few personal items of yours, but it would not be sufficient to accommodate your shopping bags. Also, there are no hooks of any sorts to hang the bags. So, while the bike is very capable to take you through the narrow roads, into the market of your choice, but it does not have the right storage and/or mounting points, to bring you back to your origin with your shopping bags.

2) Fuel tank capacity

Honda has given the XRM 125 a fuel tank of 3.8-litre. Although the bike is capable to give a good fuel economy, the capacity of the fuel tank is still less disabling people to take their bikes on long road trips and utilize the full potential of the machine.

3) Instrument cluster

The complete-analog instrument cluster of the XRM 125 has got a sleek design. It matches to the overall style of the bike. But it feels a bit outdated in today’s world. A digital instrument console would add a bit of style and premiumness to the bike.

Over the past 15 years, Honda has sold over 1.2 million units of the XRM. This clearly tells us that the underbone-motorcycle is an all-time favorite of the people here in the Philippines. With the latest model of the XRM 125, Honda is expecting to see more young customers coming to the showrooms, and a further increase in the sales figures this year.

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