2018 Honda Click 125i: Features explained

2018 Honda Click 125i: Features explained

The hyper-competitive scooter market of Philippines pushes motorcycle manufacturers to constantly update their products. The recently updated Honda Click lineup goes to show just that. Honda has taken this step within a relatively short time of its launch in 2015. Here is a look at all the new and old features this brings to the Honda Click 125i.

Honda Click 125i

Redesigned looks

The 2018 Honda Click 125i has undergone many changes over its previous iteration. Some of these are cosmetic that update the scooter’s design with modern features. Compared to the Click 125’s main rival the Yamaha Mio i 125, the Honda has a more aggressive look. With this new update, that aggressiveness has been taken up to eleven. The front end now has a more sculpted and muscular apron. But the biggest change is the extensive use of LEDs. The front gets the most remarkable transformation with position lights that give it an alien like appearance. The dual keen headlight were LEDs since the first generation itself. The taillight also gets the LED treatment as do the indicators.

Honda Click 125i exterior

The Click 125i family rocked the sculpted look with its side panels which get a more subdued look this time around. The rear section has been reshaped to fit the smaller dimensions and gives it a rakish profile. There are new colors too, all of which feature alongside dark grey plastics for a swanky two-tone look. Here you can find them arranged in increasing order of brightness - Anchor Gray Metallic, Vivid Blue Metallic, Space Magenta Metallic and Nitric Orange. There are also some bold and large graphics proclaiming the name of the scooter in contrasting colors on the side rear panels. The almost integrated grab rails and the step seat appear here unchanged from before. The brawny exhaust has a new rectangular section aluminium end can that adds to its modern appeal. Definitely a very attractive scooter for its price and engine class.

Modern and practical features

Honda Click 125i features

Modernizing the Click 125i was definitely very high on Honda’s list of priorities. Its 2018 upgrade spree has certainly given the Click 125i specifications list a huge leg up over its competition. Gone is the analog instrument display from the previous model. The Click now has a fully digital instrument display. Backlit with a blue screen with bold white letters, it displays everything from the usual speedometer and odometer readings to real-time fuel consumption, battery and oil change indicator, trip meter and even a digital clock. The Click’s massive 18-litre underseat storage however, has remained unchanged. This means you can still fit a full face helmet in it. Honda has also retained the secure key shutter to keep the scooter safe from thieves.

Efficient engine

Honda Click 125i engine

Also included in the Click 125i’s specs is a 125 cc SOHC engine producing 8.3 kW at 8500 rpm and peak torque of 10.8 Nm at 5500 rpm. The power output is modest as is expected from such a small capacity. But Honda has given it just the right enhancements to make the life of its rider very convenient. The engine is liquid-cooled and keeps performing without a drop in performance even after long hours of operation. The engine is also fuel injected and equipped with enhanced smart power system for optimal power delivery balanced with fuel economy. That economy figure is a high 53 km/L which is certainly very encouraging. Its ACG starter allows silent jolt free starts while also reducing engine vibration. Combined with the smooth V belt automatic transmission, the engine is a refined piece of equipment.

Competitive price

Honda Click 125i price

With all these new features, improved styling and enhanced engine performance, you would expect the price for the Honda Click 125i to have gone up by leaps and bounds. But contrary to your expectations, the Click 125i price has actually gone down. Costing just Php 74900, it is now cheaper by as much Php 5000. This puts it in direct competition with the Stop & Start system equipped version of its biggest competitor, the Yamaha Mio i 125. While the Honda does not come with its Idling stop start system, it delivers better mileage than the Mio, has bigger cargo space, is better equipped and much better looking. So overall it is a much better deal.

The updated for 2018 Honda Click 125i then is a big improvement on its predecessor which was a great scooter to begin with. Anyone looking for a new and affordable pair of wheels should definitely visit their nearest Honda showroom.

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