Honda RS 125 Fi: Features explained

Honda RS 125 Fi: Features explained

The Honda RS 125 Fi has recently seen an update following the new emission requirements from the government. The biggest of these updates has to be the engine which is now fuel injected instead of carbureted. While this has made it Euro 3 compliant, the benefits to the consumer extends beyond the reduced emissions. Here is a look at all the features of the new Honda RS 125 Fi.

Honda RS 125 Fi

Cleaner and more frugal engine

The old RS 125 engine was known for being very fuel efficient and provide decent performance. The new fuel injected engine needs to do the same task but also keep the price from getting out of reach. The new engine certainly has succeeded on all these fronts. It is still a 125-cc air-cooled engine mated to a 4-speed transmission. Now with fuel injection instead of carburetors it produces slightly higher max power of 7.09 kW at 7500 rpm and peak torque of 9.59 Nm at 6500 rpm. Because of the light weight of the bike of just 101 kg, it takes very little effort from the engine to get to speeds of 100 kmph. But while the fuel injection system has improved the emission quality, riders will also see an increase in fuel efficiency. The advantages of fuel injection translate to a programmable fuel mapping that can be tailor fit to the rider’s requirements. This means that this new engine delivers average fuel economy figures of 60 kmpl. With a 3.9-litre fuel tank of this bike can easily cover a 200-250 km on a single tank.

Honda RS125 Fi utility features

Refreshed styling

The Honda RS 125 Fi has always had sporty ambitions despite its small engine. The new update has now given the bike the kind of styling to follow that ambition. The new styling is inspired by the undoubtedly sporty RS 150 Fi. The newest version of the RS 150 has been much sportier and that translates to a much sportier RS 125 Fi. The RS 125 Fi is now much sharper and edgier. One look at the fairing surrounding the instrument display shows how sharp the bike is. Low mounted handlebars sneaking out from behind the headlight flanked by indicators mounted directly on the headlight housing give it a serious look.

Honda RS125 Fi styling

The same goes for the taillight design that gets indicators integrated into the taillight cluster. The side panels carry over the edgy design just as well with a bodywork peppered with vents and sharp edges. The upswept exhaust, the sporty new front fender, new striking graphics, the rear footrest mount and many other small sporty details make this bike very special indeed. The 4 color options – orange, red, black and yellow - also add to its sporty appeal in a very big way.

Practical features

Being a sporty commuter means that the bike has to be good for sportiness as well as commuting. This leads us to the Honda RS 125 Fi’s many features that increase its practicality for the everyday commuter. The seat is kept low at 767 mm keeping it within reach of most riders. is also within the reach of most people of average height. It uses a new and more comfortable cushion that ensures a comfortable ride. It is flat and spacious allowing the rider to shift about and get comfortable.

Honda RS125 Fi features

The seat also covers a storage compartment. Being an underbone, it is not very big. But it is made to be deep, giving it decent capacity. Being built to a price, the instrument display is analogue and conventional, but it is stylish and very easy to read. It even comes with a gear position indicator. Its low weight of just 101 kg makes it very easy to maneuver around. A disc brake in the front ensures quick and confident stops whenever necessary. The electric starter comes is accompanied with a kick starter in case the battery runs out.

With so much on offer, the Honda RS 125 FI’s price of RM 71900 makes it irresistible. Being a Honda, it comes with a guarantee of great reliability and serviceability. Being brought up to modern emission standards, it is going to be visible on our roads for a very long time.

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