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2018 Nissan Terra vs Ford Everest - American stalwart against Japanese invasion

2018 Nissan Terra vs Ford Everest -  American stalwart against Japanese invasion

MANILA: If you are in the market for a good seven-seater SUV, chances are that you'll be picking up one of the reputed names like the Ford Everest, Toyota Fortuner or Isuzu MU-X as your steed. However, with fresher competition arriving in the form of the new Nissan Terra, it is but natural that the most tech-laden of them all meets the most recent kid. We are talking about Ford’s wonderful Everest SUV. The new Ford Everest may have lost some ground to the fresher competition but it still is a force to reckon with. Something you cannot go wrong with, in the first place. So, let’s see how the American stalwart performs against the Japanese invasion. Let World War II begin or is it III?

2018 Nissan Terra vs Ford Everest

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Not here. The first impression a big SUV will create on someone is when it appears big enough to them. In this case, it's the 2018 Ford Everest and the new Nissan Terra. In terms of dimensions, the Nissan Terra specifications boast a length, width, and height of 4,885 x 1,865 x 1,835 mm respectively. If you look at the Ford Everest specifications, then it’s dimensions are 4893 x 1862 x 1836 mm. This clearly indicates that the 2018 Ford Everest is bigger than the Nissan Terra 2018 by a whisker. Both the cars here boast LED headlights and front fog lights. The Everest, however, looks more polished than the Terra. Nissan made sure that the Terra remains as crude looking as possible while giving it modern gadgets. Depending on the engine and trim chosen, one can opt for 17, 18 or 20-inch wheels with the Everest.

Nissan Terra axel

For the Nissan Terra though, there is only an option of 17 or 18-inch alloys. Both feature LED tail lights and it will be prudent to say that the Terra feels like a brick on wheels and the Everest is a tad more rounded off.

While the Everest because of the aforementioned rounded profile looks smaller, it is actually longer than the slab sided Terra.

Cave hole?

Ford Everest cabin

As much as these SUVs occupy real estate, the cabin too is equally spacious. Take the wheelbase of the 2018 Nissan Terra, and you will realise that it is similar to that of the Ford Everest at 2,850 mm. Both the SUVs here offer three row of seating with provision of hosting overall seven passengers including the driver. While the Ford Everest does have provision of electrically flattening the third row of seats, the Nissan Terra does one up by going the electric way even for the second row. Dual zone climate control is offered on both the cars. The infotainment system of the Ford has Sync3 which makes it fluid to touch and use. There is also Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto connectivity. The Terra too offers a touchscreen music system but the aforementioned connectivity options are missing. Both the SUVs get navigation as standard. Active Park Assist is available in both too.

Terra Cabin

Unique to the Nissan Terra is the rear view mirror that smartly adjusts itself depending on the passenger load. If there are people obstructing the view of the rear glass, then the mirror automatically blurs them out. There is also the around view monitor that will help determine whether there is something underneath that particular crest. Needless to say, it also helps park this nearly 5 metre long SUV.

The Everest boasts front as well as rear parking sensors and these help to a great extent too. A reverse camera is common to both the SUVs here as well. Build quality is a tad better in the Ford as well while the Nissan trailing it by the slightest of margins. Cargo space too is similar in both.

Power rush

Everest engine

If you are in the market for a full-size SUV, it is but apparent that you love diesel power. The torque required to propel these big vehicles can only be achieved from diesel. Or else opt for gas guzzling big size engines. The two SUVs here have only diesel powertrains. Let’s start with the updated Ford Everest first. It has two engines and both are turbo-ed units. The 2.2-litre engine makes 160 PS of power and 385 Nm of torque. It can be optioned with a 6-speed manual or an automatic. The bigger 3.2-litre engine produces 200 PS and 470 Nm. It is available exclusively with the 6-speed automatic. If you want driving pleasure, then it is the 3.2-litre engine.

Terra driving modes

Nissan offers a lone engine with the new Terra. It is the 2.5-litre motor that has a peak output of 190 PS and 450 Nm. Nissan offers a 6-speed manual as standard whereas the 7-speed automatic is optional. The 7-speed automatic helps keep the revs lower at high speeds, thereby ensuring optimal fuel efficiency.

Handle ‘em rough?

Nissan Terra front

Yes, both these SUVs can traverse the rough nicely. Both boast a ground clearance of around 230 mm. This is more than enough to clear the daily obstacles as well as those that one faces off-road. The Ford Everest gets Terrain Management system that has different modes like Snow, Sand, Mud, Road, and Rain. The 4x4 system in both the cars here adapt intelligently to save fuel when power to all four wheels isn’t required. A conventional 4 High, 4 Low and intelligent modes are available with the Nissan Terra.

If you look at the suspension components, then the Ford uses independent double wishbones in the front and leaf springs at the rear. Nissan uses the tried and tested formula of double wishbone at the front with a sophisticated multi-link at the back. While the leaf springs provide for a bit of a bouncy ride quality when relatively unladen, the Nissan’s units deliver better road insulation. Handling of these top heavy SUVs is neat but the Everest does it a bit better.

ford everest rear

NVH in the 2018 Ford Everest is a of a high order while the Nissan’s engine is slightly more noisy. Both manufacturers have given discs in the front and drums at the back.

Safe the tiger

Both these off-road vehicles come with a plethora of features in the name of safety. While we have discussed some above, here are a few more. The Nissan Terra safety features include six airbags, cruise control, ABS with EBD, brake assist, Blind Spot Warning, tyre pressure monitoring and Vehicle Dynamic Control.

nissan terra safety

The Ford Everest too isn’t lacking when it comes to safety features and offers over the Terra a driver knee airbag, Roll Stability Control, Collision Mitigation, adaptive cruise control and Lane keeping system. Common factor is the child safety which both provides for with ISOFIX child seat mounts in the second row.

Decision time

The Ford Everest price starts from Php 1,518,000. If you consider the Nissan Terra price, then it begins from Php 1,499,000. That’s minor if you consider the difference in the top spec trims. The Everest top end costs Php 2,288,000 while the Terra price is for Php 2,096,000. That’s a massive difference and the sole factor in deciding that you should right away go for the newer car of the lot - the Nissan Terra.

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